Extended Essay

Talk about the Extended Essay.

Extended Essay Rules - BE SURE TO READ THESE before starting a thread!

1. Just to make it clear - we will not give you a topic for your EE, but we will help you refine and expand on your original ideas for a topic. You are marked on your choice of topic so we can't help you with that.

2. Before doing anything, read the Extended Essay for Dummies thread. At the very least, we recommend you take a look at the 5 Cardinal Rules of the EE!

3. Before asking anything about format or requirements for the extended essay, we suggest you read the IB Extended Essay Guide first (which you can download from here).

4. Make your thread titles descriptive. At the minimum, mention the subject area and if you have one, the topic! For instance "History EE on Nazi Propaganda" is better than "EE help please". The people who know about history and nazi propaganda will click on the first thread and probably miss the second one. Help us to help you - give it an accurate title!

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