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  1. Actually though, it seems kinda easy to cheat in an IB exam. Cheat in the sense of taking a test as somebody else. Cause nobody checks who you are or if you sat at the desk with the paper with the right name right? So if the invigilator doesn't really know who you are or what subjects you take, you can be writing an exam as somebody else. I dont know why you would want to, but it would be possible
  2. Quizlet helps a lot!! There are sets on IB economics already, but maybe make your own. Creating my own sets helps me so much - I remember/revise things just by typing them But yeah, Quizlet would be my best bet...
  3. 1) you dont have to number, unless it's let's say an English essay and it continues on a second booklet, you might want to make it clearer 2) you have to write 01,02,03... 10 in the boxes on the left edge of the page. the directions also tell you how you should fill the exercise number in, so dont worry too much about that 3) you should do (a) (i), then (ii) etc, but you need to leave a line or two so it is neat and clear that you are answering another subquestion. you might want to keep filling the box with the question number when starting (a)/(b) even if you have been doing that question from the beginning but you dont have to. Answers don't have to be in chronological order but at the same time it's not very organized to have 1b and 1c in completely different answer booklets 4) for a wrong answer you need to clearly cross it out, ask for a second booklet and re-do it there, maybe make a note underneath the crossed out answer that you have re-wrote it on the 2nd booklet. 5) i'd say leave a line between (a) and (b), that's what you do for the answer booklets too so i suppose it also stands true for the in box answers. Try to be neat and don't write 2 more tiny lines underneath the last line if you feel you don't have enough space in the box, answer that question in an answer booklet but make a note in the box that you have done so. 6) the answer booklet has name and number boxes only on the first page, you dont have to keep writing it. 7) btw they also give you a 'coversheet' with all your details (name, number, subject of exam) for every exam, you attach that in front of the exam + booklets when you're done; you have to say which questions you answered in a certain section, if you had a choice (for example, in p2 Section B of the sciences), and also how many 4-page answer booklets you have used. Good luck on your exams, but stop panicking! Once you're done with the first one you'll realize that it's actually no big deal
  4. That's all there is to this post - just wanted to wish good luck to all of you who are going through the same struggle I am I hope that you reach your aspirations and your ideal IB grade and finish IB alive, proud, and excited for all the wonderful things that lie ahead (~summer partying).
  5. Hello! Can we use the IB calculator we have (TI-nspire blah) for college? It would suck to have to buy another one...
  6. What do you need help with? You can message me if u like
  7. Presentation

    I wouldn't use it as the real life issue, cause it's not really 'real'. Couldn't you find an actual example? And then you could use Grey's Anatomy as a supporting point. Also, are you mentioning that doctors should not treat family members due to the emotional attachment and subjectivity? This is a real thing in medical ethics so you should definitely use it!
  8. In your question, you need to have a clear reference to an area of knowledge or more. So your first question is good in a tok way, but refer to an area of knowledge so for example - how do we decide what is ethically appropriate for children if that links to ur real life. Your second question is indeed a bit broad - focus on one or 2 areas of knowledge that link to ur real life situation, like 'to what extent are rules important when acting on emotion'. Take your real life issue and note down the AoK that you can use for it, and then come up with a question - I think that's the easiest way.
  9. What do you want to study in uni? I understand it's sth science related? Higher math and physics are hard, I hear people in my school say that a lot. But I think you should take math higher. Chem HL is pretty hard but I guess it's on the same level as physics HL so choose the science you like the most as your higher and the other science for SL. I wouldn't recommend you to take both physics and chem HL! Maybe you can take Arabic HL, if you're pretty good at it? US universities usually don't really look at your IB grades, they care more about your GPA. If it's a subject useful for the course you want to do in university it is definitely nicer to take similar subjects in higher level! Also, some unis also give you credit if you get more than a 5 in an HL class, which means u don't have to do it in uni.
  10. Yees I think market failure is the best one - easy diagrams to draw, easy analysis, super easy to find an article about it!
  11. Hi! Yes, if you get 5 or higher in an HL (only?) subject, u get credit for college. About the IA, it is worth 10% of your final grade and the two papers count for the remaining 80%. The final grade counts for college credit, not the exams on their own. A low grade in the IA does not affect the diploma really, cause even if you do very badly, like a 1, it's only 20% so unless you do bad on the exams too, I don't think your diploma is in any danger
  12. Yes that's right. The non competitive literally does not compete with the substrate: its not similar to it, it binds to an allosteric site of the enzyme not the actual active site, and therefore changes the 'shape' of the active site. So it doesn't matter if you have more or less of the substrate, the shape no longer matches. The competitive one actually competes, so the more the substrate, the higher the chances let's say of the substrate binding to active site than the competitive inhibitor. So the the comp.inhibitor has similar shape as substrate and also binds to active site.
  13. Harry Potter was basically my childhood, I grew up with the books and the movies, the first book was published 5 days before I was born
  14. You could argue if we should be more socially/ethically responsible than biologically responsible. Cause our main purpose in life biologically is to reproduce. But should we do that if we realize that overpopulation leads to worse standards of life? I guess you can also look at religion for this one, because some religions say it's better to have more children, like in India it is considered more prestigious if I remember well.
  15. Consider the setting, mood/tone and some features like repetition or imagery etc. For Poe specifically, he is a pretty dramatic and 'mystical' poet. If you look at The Raven for example you have the repetition of 'Nevermore', the dark, mysterious mood, the symbolism and connotations of the raven (being the bird of death and all).