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  1. You would apply domestically, right? If so, colleges here don't care about IB scores for admissions. I got into Bucknell (#34 on this list overall; #32 for Liberal Arts school) I didn't apply with IB scores and I had a 31 on the ACT, so roughly a 1430 on the new SAT. U.S. admissions look at much more than just test scores, so it's really hard to say. 1320 is on the low end for the upper unis. Which just means the rest of your application has to be spot on. Killer essays and teacher recs.
  2. 4 out of 7 for both. If you are doing the diploma you need at least 24 points (at least 12 from HL)
  3. An E in EE (or ToK for that matter) is an automatic failure, meaning that will not get the diploma. IBO got rid of the conditional passing score of 28 a few years ago.
  4. In order to make it less broad you might consider looking into how her lack of marriage affected a certain aspect of life for the English people.
  5. Pre-IB is a thing within the individual schools. It is up to the school if you can continue into IB next year. For example, at my high school, you have to have at least a B (80% or better) in order to get into IB classes junior year. If you had less than a B, you generally had to get teacher approval.
  6. From the 2013 EE guide: "Graphs, figures, calculations, diagrams, formulas and equations are not included in the word count." So, I think, the figures captions don't count. The tables may or may not count, depending on if the content falls into the categories mentioned above.
  7. Titles and heading in the body of your essay, yes. Formulas and all that, I'm not sure. (I think they don't count, but I don't remember what the EE guide says)
  8. Typically acknowledgments go at the beginning or the end. Either way they won't be considered part of the 4000 word limit as they are completely optional.
  9. I would suggest you add some dates and/or the specific crusades you are talking about. That way you will be more likely to use specific analysis rather than general blanket statements.
  10. Basically, you set up an equation that starts with the known value, then the molar ratio from the reaction, and end up with the value you are solving for. My working is attached. (It's a much better explanation than the above words)
  11. Sources can be as recent as you want.
  12. extended essay

    Do whichever you feel most comfortable in. Choosing an EE subject based on how 'easy' it is is not really the best way to go about it. You are better off picking something you actually enjoy. (It makes spending 40 hours with it slightly more bearable.) The general recommendation is to do a subject you take, or at least is offered at your school. If you choose to do something not offered by your school you may lack an advisor well versed in the subject area. Also, you will likely have to do additional research on what that subject is in terms of IB in order to make sure your EE fits within the acceptable bounds.
  13. please don't reopen old topics. locking
  14. those are both valid claims/counterclaims. Just make sure you explain it.
  15. 253ms with 7-9 hours a night