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  1. Hey, I need help from someone taking philosophy. What do you think about the topic "To what extent should animals have moral rights?" ? I've checked the syllabus and there is something about animals as persons or machines, and discussion about ethics and animals, so I thought I could write on this topic. What's your opinion? I've read couple of books on animal rights from the philosophical point of view, but could you give me some advice if there are any things I should know while writing EE in this subject? Any traps? Any specific way to write it? Oh and I cannot change the subject anymore, so please don't discourage me that I shouldn't be writing in the subject I don't take Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey, I'm considering studying law in UK and doing specialisation in animal law later on. And here comes the question: does it matter if I go to a uni that offers animal law as a module course? I've read somewhere that it might be helpful or sth, but the thing is there are not that many schools, which offer it (John Moores, Kingston, Northumbria, Aberdeen, East Anglia, Leeds, Essex, Lincoln), and the ones that do are not the top ones, and the number of points they require (ranging from 27 to 34) is also quite low. What do you think? Thanks for help in advance1
  3. I've completed by CAS mostly by being active in animal rights organisation, which counted as C,A and S, because there were lots of different kinds of activities to do. I also went on couple of conferences (animal rights oriented or MUN), did surveys on some problems like global warming or smoking and posted the results of it on our school website, engaged in some school activities, went paintball with friends, and that's basically it, CAS done before the IB1 finished
  4. Hey fellow IB students, I need your help in EE topic. I'd like to write it in politics, but I only take global politics, so idk if the topics: "To what extent should the UN accept the The Declaration Of Animal Rights?" or "To what extent are there sufficient arguments for not granting fundamental legal rights to non-human animals by the UN?" would be ok? The title would probably be "The political debate over animal rights". I'd analyse the arguments for and against animal rights there. What do you think? Do you have any other idea? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ok thank you anyway
  6. And how about writing it in politics? Would that be possible?
  7. Oh Ok, thanks I'll be waiting until you find it.
  8. Hey, I need your help fellow IB students. Do you think a topic like: "To what extent is it possible to extend human rights to non-human animals?" is ok? I'm not taking human rights, so I'd like to know if such topic would be even possible. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks! That was helpful
  10. Hey guys, I wanted to ask those who are applying to australian unis, do you apply for the sem.1 in february or the sem.2 in july? I've read on UNSW page that IB students who finish in may can apply for sem.2, but does that mean we cannot apply for the one in february? And does it make any difference? If I apply for sem.2 does it mean that I've missed a part of the course, or what? I'm new to it, so sorry if it's a stupid question
  11. Hi there! Could you give me your opinion on the research question of my EE? Here are my 3 ideas: 1,2) What were the reasons for the failure of the Allies to stop the Holocaust/rescue the victims of Nazi genocide? 3) What were the reasons for not taking a decisive action by the Allies to rescue the victims of Nazi genocide? Which one sounds the best? Do you have any other advice to edit it somehow? Thank you for any advices!
  12. Hello, I'm thinking to write my english A lit. WA on Szymborska's poems, but the problem is I have only 2 poems suiting my topic. Do you think it is enough to write 1200-1500 words on it? If it helps, my topic (not yet discussed with the teacher) is: ''The concept of innocence and evil in 'Hatred' and 'The Hitler's first photograph' by Szymborska'. Do you think it sounds ok btw? Thanks for any feedback!
  13. Hello, thanks for clicking here. I finally decided on a research question of my history EE, but I'm not sure if it is correctly stated and overally ok. The two possibilities are: To what extent was the Gandhian non-violent resistance a success/ an effective strategy in restoring peace in India? Thanks for any feedback!
  14. Very useful! Thanks! One question: why is it better to avoid the word 'biased'? :0 Never heard of that.