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  1. Hi IBers, I am trying to revise for the subjects as the mocks are near. For the History, I don't really know how should I study wisely. It is all messed up in my mind. Can you please give me some suggestions about revision tactics and being more effective and productive? I have past papers, but I do not know how to study more efficiently. I take Route 2, Peacemaking, peacekeeping—international relations 1918–36; and the chosen topics are Causes, practices and effects of wars & The Cold War. As an option, I take Aspects of the history of Europe and the Middle East. If anyone studies the same/similar topics, I will be very happy if we can make some kind of a study group. Any helps would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Actually, it is not an option for the school to not send the predicted grades - they should do it. It's your future.
  3. I chose the title 1. For me, that was easier to find contradictory arguments analysing the topic from multiple perspectives.
  4. Depending on your level (HL or SL) the attachment shows the grade boundaries for Chemistry in 2016. Hope this helps.
  5. I think this is a very interesting Math IA topic that involves a correlation between two things. And I think you can get a full score from the personal engagement part for this IA. The only thing that I think could have been better is the style of the question. What do you think about this version: "How does Best Picture Award nomination correlate with the Characteristics of the Winners?" And one more thing. How finding whether or not money play a part in choosing a winner will answer your main question? I am just confuse about that part. Please bear this in mind that I am not an expert in this area and my suggestion could be misleading. This is just my personal opinion about the case. Hope this helps.
  6. Hey there, A friend of mine @notyouobviously takes English A: lang & lit and currently works on his Written Task 1. He was wondering if anyone could help him with his Written Task? He basically does something with speech and looks for an idea (because of I don't take this course, I am not very familiar with these things). Could you please give him some ideas about the speech for his Written Task? Any help/suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. Chem IA(30% completed), Comp Sci IA (50%), Math IA (90% completed), EE (85% completed), Lang A IA (70% completed), TOK essay (65% completed) and TOK presentation (10%). Because of all these incomplete works (credits to PROCRASTINATION), I cannot study for the mocks.
  8. What ranges of Universities are not possible with 43? Congratulations!
  9. Actually, I also struggle a lot with Computer Science IA more than any other one. Can you please give me some very useful websites or any other supporting material that will ease my work? @Nomenclature My IA is making a Jeopardy Game using Netbeans 8.1 Java code. Something like this: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. No actually, in the conclusion of my essay, I am going to mention that, although the battle of Karbala has some lessons we can learn from it (supporting truth, the importance of justice and standing against oppression despite the very explicit consequence of it), self-flagellation is the extreme version of commemoration. The commemoration is justified as long as one doesn't harm himself/herself physically and the purpose of it is self-identification and spiritual merit. Regarding the examining multiple perspectives, I approached the reason why Hussain did not pay homage to the new tyrant and corrupt ruler of the country from 2 different aspects: one claims it was due to the fact that he himself wanted to be the ruler (political) and another claims that no actually his purpose was not to ouster the existing rule and seize the power, but to 'enjoin good and forbid evil' (ideological). Surely, primary sources prove that Hussain's purpose was not to become the ruler. The battle of Karbala (actually massacre) is the subsequent event happened when Hussain refused to pay homage and with 72 followers went to the Kufa and on the road a commander blockades their way. After 10 days of siege with no water, food in the open desert, the new ruler orders to kill Hussain if he still resists paying homage. So on the day of Ashura, the 10th day a massacre happens - 4000 (men in the troop) vs 73. Surely there was no doubt about the very apparent outcome of it - yet Hussain did not give in falsehood. Even a day before Ashura, he gathered his men in the night, asserted that his concern is me - you can escape in the darkness, I will have no objections. That is not what politician would do. And if his purpose was to become the ruler, then he could have pay homage in the desert and with some kinds of maneuvers become the ruler. Yet he chose not to. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and hope I explained well.
  11. I hate the fact that I am procrastinating all day long. EE contributes to that A LOT. And then I suddenly realize that if I don't go back to work I am gonna miserably fail and not get into University.
  12. As far as I know, if you have applied by January 15th, you should be expecting the results by 31st of March. For more information about the deadlines for replying: Hope this helps and good luck
  13. Wow, This is the first time I see someone wishing to visit Azerbaijan Can I ask why? Just curiosity. I would like to visit the following places: Anywhere in the UK. I like British accent Canada - a very welcoming society. And I greatly respect Justin Trudeau as a Prime Minister. Spain -- weather.
  14. Hello, I have currently made some adjustments to my research question for the Extended Essay. It is about Islamic history in the Middle East -- "To what extent today commemoration of the day of Ashura is justified?" In the essay, I evaluated different approaches to the battle of Karbala and the purpose of Hussain (a protagonist of the battle) when he did not pay homage to the new ruler Yazid. I know this is a very unfamous battle, yet people know about the self-flagellation in different Muslim countries, which is related to my topic. Do I need to specify the question?
  15. My teacher also allowed me to use slang words in my Written Assignment on the account of George (Of Mice and Man). However, he said that in the rationale I need to clearly state that I am going to use slang words in this Written Assignment to impersonate (if this is the right term) the character. Hope this helps.