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  1. If you are going to study English in university then the kind of math you are taking won't be too important. If you are finding math is taking too much time and you are not achieving want you want in math, then switching it to studies would help a lot. In addition, you should check the course requirements for the universities you want to get in, because some universities they want at least a math SL regardless of the program taking. History is a course that will take a lot time in order to do well at. If you are not interested in it, it would directly affect you performance. I have classmates who are taking Business and Management and they are getting 7s. If you love business, then I recommend you switch to business. Overall, I think you are doing well! I hope my comment helped
  2. We are currently doing the unit of Art for TOK, but our teacher always bring up some sensitive political topics for us to discuss. And the discussion would either become supper heated or just a dead silence. I had an intense discussion with my teacher in class, and it ended horribly. After several talks with my teacher and the coordinator at my school, they still refuse to get rid off all the sensitive topics due to we have to be well-rounded. I am considering leaving the class if similar topics come up again, because they were saying I'm being too emotional when I was discussing within the class. Do you think this is a good idea? How bad is it if no one in my class likes TOK?
  3. I loves those two subjects too! But my school only offers none of the subjects... and I'm learning online... Back to the question, in my opinion, you can try doing four HLs first and see if you endure that workload. Because sometimes you would find out that you wanna switch one subject to SL. After you had done one or two months of HL math and physics, then you can decide which one to switch to SL. There's one thing it is supper important, maybe more important than which subject you like better, is that your teacher! What I found is, a better teacher would help you learn better. When I say a better teacher is doesn't mean a teacher who is just nice, but also has good teaching techniques and always be encouraging. So you can have a look of who is likely to teach you math and physics next year and then decide which subject to choose. Last, my suggestion is to choose physics HL, because it's solving problems involves mathematical calculations, not only math.
  4. Wow thanks for the effort! Our teacher haven't told us a thing about this!
  5. 1) Japan (yap, anime!) 2) Germany (my secret love takes forever to explain~) 3) North Pole (time for adventure, man!)
  6. 1) If you have a target university that you wanna get in, it is better to look at their requirements, because they may recommend you to take certain course. But it's also important to look at what you can do well at, because the overall score is the one that most universities care the most. 2) For subjects like geography, it would start easy and will get harder as the course goes. So it would be fine if you have no prior knowledge in geography. And it would be a great choice if you are strongly interested in geography. 3. Economics, business and management, ITGS, etc.. Those are some subjects offered in ib that may help you if you are going into a business program. Again, have a look of the university that you want to get in and see if there's any other recommendations. Also, chose a subject from group 6 (arts) would be nice if you are going a business program, because they like people being more created and open-minded.
  7. I know a super gooood online textbook website called Kognity. It is paid, but I think it's worth it.
  8. Physics! Physics! Definitely Physics!
  9. It's more like a definite win in my opinion. I don't wanna get to deep in it, 'cause it will get too heated...
  10. Interesting Topic! First, I do not think that grades determine our intelligence. Known there are roughly 16 personalities, but the school system only works for a few of those systems. That doesn't mean that the rest of us have a poor IQ. Schools only teaches us sooooooo little compare to what we will get to learn throughout our lives. And everyone would be at the top of the field they are good at/ comfortable at. Schools like to teach us the basic techniques like analyzing, expressing, that may help us in our jobs, and they want us to be extremely well-rounded. Yet, only a few students could make it, and they are not the only winners, we all are! You would notice that we would not use most of the thing we had learnt at school when we are at job, and we could still be successful. Our intelligence would only shown if we are at the right position. And there are way more skills would not be tested at school. For instant, your decisive when making a decision. And our personalities also contribute to how well we can do in school. Some people can sit there a whole and absorb all the information taught. But some people can't, not because they are not smart, but due to those information are not interested to them, therefore they have no passion learning it. But when it come to something they see as useful or meaningful, they would try so hard and master it. To sum up, school would only determine how well we are doing a current event or apply a skill, but our intelligence is determined by how well we can contribute the usage of our intelligence to the development of our society.
  11. I think your teachers said the subjects you are doing = suicide is because all your high levels are science and math oriented, and most of people struggle with the sciences. However if you enjoy the subjects you are taking and confident with your previous performance on those subjects, you would be good. It's also important noting what your strength and limits, because that's how you would have a great performance in dp. If you are a science person and interested in applying science related program in university, your choice works perfectly.
  12. You only need you take SAT or ACT if you are an American citizen. For U of W, you need a minimum of 6 in math SL or HL (math HL is recommended), and a minimum of 5 in English A (regardless of the specific course). Then you need at least 32 points for you predicted grade without the bonus points (TOK, EE). U of T did not specify whatever grade you need, so apparently you are definitely good for applying it and have a great chance of getting in. Personally, I recommend you go to University of Waterloo since you are taking computer science, because its math faculty is really good in North America.
  13. I think the points needed for those universities are updated. Most of the universities now have a lower standers, less points are needed. I think it's because they now knew IB is way harder than what they thought At least from what I know, to get into University of Waterloo's Math and Business program, you only need 32 points now.
  14. I recommend you take English HL, since law is more about understanding the use of language. And you are allowed to take four HLs! But I think this combination is fine. At the end, all it matters is your total grade. So stay like this if you feel it work the best for you. Hope it helps:P
  15. If you know which university you want you apply, you should go check their high school requirements for IB first. If they commander you to take then go for it, it will increase your chance of getting in. However, it all depends on how good are you in math. It is not an easy course, you have to spend time on it. And it is kinda late to switch course, if you are not super good in math, it is better to stay in SL, since you may not catch up with them. Also, you can only take a maximum of four HLs in IB, so if you want to take math HL, you'll have drop something to SL. If you are currently doing well in all your subjects and not strongly interest in math, I commander you stay in SL. If still want to take some extended math, AP math is there for you, if you have time.