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  1. If money isn't an issue, I think you should. In maths and the like, it's hard to go up, but essay-based subjects like History and Geography are very subjective, so you could easily be marked up a point or two. Just keep in mind that your score can go down as well (though if you're 1-2 points away from the upper boundary, it's highly unlikely to go down a whole grade). Good luck!
  2. You don't say...
  3. Have you checked the entry requirements of universities you're considering? Things like that vary from country to country, too, so it'd help to know where you'll be applying. Either way, I'd keep English and drop Chemistry, because English is essay-based, and so would your Philosophy degree. Most universities would like to see you sort of know what you're in for. But definitely check the entry requirements, you might find out you need some other subject, or that they don't care at all, in which case it'd be completely up to you what you keep at HL.
  4. Don't you think it'd be a pretty good idea to check if you actually enjoy computer science before you commit to a degree in it?
  5. I had to write two (TWO) TOK essays, because my first one was so off-topic two TOK teachers told me there was nothing that could be done to fix it, so I had to choose a new topic and write a new essay. I wanted to die.
  6. If you miss the January 15 deadline, you missed the equal consideration deadline, meaning that universities don't have to look at your application if they don't want to. And, seeing you're from Sweden, you're not an international student, but an EU one, so the same rules apply to you as to UK students. Have you sent your Psychology teacher a reference request through UCAS? Also, ask your teachers to provide predicted grades now, rather than after the break. They might base them off previous mocks or your in-class grades. Also, you've had time since the beginning of the year to get your application together, the fact that you haven't yet will not be looked at favourably by universities.
  7. If they don't matter, then why would you do it anyway? Even memorising the mark scheme, especially for essay based questions, I'm guessing you weren't trying to do it for maths, does not guarantee you would get straight 7s.
  8. If you have a MacBook/iPhone, then iCal is pre-installed on your device. The app will be called Calendar.
  9. If you miss your offer (get fewer points than your conditional specified - doesn't matter what your predicted grade was, just what your conditional offer was) it is up to the university to decide whether they still want to accept you or not. They might want to wait until the A level results come out, to see if there are any spaces left for you. If the university/course is very competitive, it is likely that you will get rejected. If you met the conditions of your insurance offer, then you will be accepted by your insurance choice.
  10. That depends entirely on the school - what subject it offers and how strict it is with enforcing IBO rules. Therefore, your friend will have to check directly with the school they will be attending.
  11. I would still consider staying in SL if you're not struggling majorly, because there's a fair amount of maths involved in B&M. I you are struggling majorly, then go down to studies.
  12. The offer is given based on your predicted grades, not the final ones. E.g. if you apply to, say, University of Birmingham, you will apply with your predicted grades, if they like your application, they will give you a conditional offer, and if you meet their requirements with your final grades, you'll get a place.
  13. Yes, your final grade in that subject, out of 7. The one that goes on your diploma/certificate.
  14. It would affect your grade, but it wouldn't mean you fail IB/subject. FoA is only a part of your grade.
  15. Ok, your topic sounds most definitely too broad. Sounds like a title of an academic book, or a 50 page long article. Have you thought of comparing how one aspect/element of therapy is approached by the two methods? It doesn't even have to be these two ones, it could be different ones, there are obviously many methods of treating depression. If you're struggling to find any useful evidence, you might want to think of different methods. And don't ignore your supervisor, they have a point. Your topic is very broad and you'd end up only touching the surface.