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Found 69 results

  1. So I have been struggling very much with my Business Internal Assessment, it's been absolute hell. I didn't hand in the first draft so I never got it marked and I've missed the internal deadline for the final and I haven't even completed it. I never thought it would be so hard, after all I also did an extended essay on business too. I've been pulling all nighters for almost a week now and I just can't get it right so I'm thinking of just handing it terrible like that. How much would a bad IA affect my results? I'm a predicted 6 but with how my IA is going... Im afraid I wont be able to get my IB Diploma. If I were to score a 3 on my IA for example and a 7 on the exams, what result would my final be? a rough idea? I am in need of a bit of consolation. This task have given me so much anxiety, I've lost my appetite and the will to do anything.
  2. Guys, I am in a hurry. I was doing my application for IE University in Segovia to take a dual bachelor of Law and Business Administration, when I "stumbled" in the admission tests. They require either the IE Admission test or other as SAT, LNAT, CAS or ACT. The Cambridge Assessment Test (CAS) includes those Language tests like the First (FCE), the Advanced and the Proficiency, right? Because I have done my First (FCE) Exam and if it does count, then I must use it as I haven't done any of these. Could anyone who knows or has been confronted with these admission tests explain help me? If I am not able to upload my FCE result, then can you explain to me how can I do one of the other exams and am I still on time? Really I need fast answers! Thanks in advance, Richard
  3. Hello! I'm studying Business and Management HL right now and it seems pretty hard to me, even though I do ALL the homework, read ALL the assigned pages! I am so afraid right now that I won't be able to pass the exam, cuz I couldn't memorize the therminology and all the aspects of this subject. I'm thinking of switching to History HL, but I'm not sure if it will make my life easier. And I'm studying on IB diploma 1 for 4 months already. So I would need to catch up a lot if I switch. Has anyone experienced it? Any advices? Which subject is easier to pass at the end?
  4. Hey guys, I am on my 2nd year and its about time to send my application to universities with the degree chosen. I am kinda hesitant, because I am facing a conflict of passion vs money. I mean kinda because the options I am considering for "money" I also enjoy them. So within the "passion" group there is studying Literature and Creative Writing. Since I was 14 years old that I like writing poetry, short stories and forth. I can consider myself a creative and eccentric person and I like writing any kind of text whatsoever, it seems that I perceive writing and the importance of grammar and clauses and all of that as art. I know this sounds kinda weird, but I feel like I look at it some other way; everybody has their passion and the thing that interests them the most and it seems we look at it in a more abstract way, or that we grasp it easier. All of my teachers are impelling me to pursue Literature, but there are two factors that are making me "rethink". 1- it does not grant much career options. I mean it is basically writing in freelance, which I would honestly love to, but I guess I have grown and realized I need to have a stable life and we do not live in an oneiric world where artists and mathematicians and philosophers are always happy and if they strive to get projects and jobs their work will be noticed and valued. I have been becoming skeptic about this and I don't want to spend my whole life like my frustrated Literature teacher... (oh and being a teacher for me is not an option, I would hate it). 2- I would be studying into the UK because in my country Literature really means unemployment... but going to the Uk and learning eng lit, which is more less universal and might give me a better chance of getting a future, also implies studying another language and lit which will obviously be harder for me than for other native students. On the other hand, there is the option of Business or Law. UK universities even have ambivalent degrees which include both Business and Law, which would be an explosive mix ahah. I don't really like business and finance stuff, but I like Economics in theory cause its a social science and has very important implications for us. I have Math Studies, thou I informed myself and the UK and a few good univ. in Spain allow for Math Studies, with a min. mark of 6. Law I guess I would also love to take. Before writing, I really wanted to be a lawyer as I have always had the concern that there would be no exogenous factors like lobby, culture, background — interfering in a person from "telling his story". I guess I do have argumentative and research skills, but more than that, my imagination would really help me out. I know this doesn't sound right but arguing is virtually creating scenarios and realities which we are prompt to defend or get arguments in favor. If I want to defend something, I really get a way of proving it and I guess in court those rhetoric techniques would work. So, Law is a mix between passion and money, but my real passion is writing and imagining and not taking a Law degree. I am currently with 33/34 points. Could you give me some advice? I was planning on having decided by this week "more less" at least because we can only apply to 5 univs. in the UK and so if I did know what degree I would like to take I would be applying to more univs of that degree... I am sorry for the extension, but this is very hard to sum up. Thanks, Richard
  5. Im a year 11 student and I would like to know whether my combination is good or whether I should expect any obscure workload and what to watch out for. I take the following subjects- HL Computer Science HL Economics HL Business Management SL English Literature SL French B SL Math (not studies) SL Physics Is this a good combination for any field? If so can you please mention because I am not sure of what to do in the future. Thank you!! >o<
  6. Hey guys, I am doing my extended essay on the acquisition of TNT by FedEx, I have done the research and wrote 4000 words, but my supervisor told me that it is not enough and basically the only feedback she gave me was to do more analysis. But I do not know what kinds of analysis to do for acquisitions. My research question is " To what extend is the acquisition of TNT going to help FedEx financially? " Could someone help me with that and also could you please tell me how to structure my EE? Thanks in advance.
  7. This is not my IA question but something I want to discuss in my IA.Do you guys think McDonald's should try off-the-job training?At the moment they're doing on the job training but do you think off-the-job training would help the employees in any way?
  8. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to look out for when taking a test? I heard the words in the in the question themselves are very important. Also does anyone have any sites for practice tests?
  9. Hi, we are a group of students from Peru. We have some doubts about the availability of the formula booklet for papers in November sessions (exams) Can we use it in the exams or can't we? Our teacher says "NOOOOO" but in the guide says: YEEEEES, so, what we can think about it? HEEEEELP Look this source: and the guide, then, ask for your teacher NOVEMBER 2016!!
  10. Hi, So i'm thinking of doing an EE on this supermarket called 'Villa' in Bangkok. I want to do something relating to the large expat/foreign population. I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER VILLA IS MAINLY AIMED AT THAIS OR FOREIGNERS Things I could consider would be: - Location (Most Villas seem to be along the skytrain) -Location (Land prices around the markets) - Maybe the combination of this and the bts makes land expensive -Increase in foreign population proportion (how more Villas were made to accommodate this) - Range of products (international) - Things that attract customers - service/proximity/etc. - Compare with another supermarket (Tesco? It's international but Villa isn't - yet mainly Thais shop there) Anything else? Please help me with forming a question and other things I could look at!!!
  11. Hey guys, I am going to be brief. I am a little bit lost with my 2nd commentary. It seems easy as it is a very straight-forward work and doesn't require much research. The thing is I guess I haven't actually grasped the essence of writing an Economic commentary. Is it supposed to just explore and explain the discussion in the article, illustrating it with economic theory and diagrams? Or should I produce a discussion myself, with arguments in favor and against, even if they are not mentioned in the article? For example, I am doing on tariffs on China. And as you know there are several arguments against and in favor as to protectionist policies. One that occurs to me is the fact it gives government revenue. But on the article it does not mention it at all. But lets imagine I am actually fond of this argument and could explain it and analyse it neatly. Could I develop and illustrate it on my commentary? Or should I just stick to what the article says and just assess it eventually on the conclusion? Please, I really needed some advice or some general tips on what really consists an Economics IA. Thanks in advance, you can PM if you want.
  12. The EE research question I have is "To what extent have terrorist attacks impacted Air France?" I have made clear that only terrorist attacks in France that were widely-publicised are considered. After reading through some exemplar essays, I noticed that many good ones had quotes from other people on the subject. Will it be an issue if I am unable to find a quote directly relating to the topic? (research material is no issue I have many articles as well as financial reports). Also, is my research question acceptable? Can you find any possible weaknesses or problems? Thanks!
  13. Hello! I really need some help! I started I.B last thursday with the following subjects... HL: Theatre Business English B SL: Maths Biology Spanish A Business is a new subject for me and I have had four lessons so far of which I have hated all. The teacher who is doing the business course is new to the school and I really haven't liked her method of teaching at all. Nevertheless, business was such a big class that it was split into two, the one I'm in, with the new teacher, and the other one with a teacher I like and am familiar with. Here is my issue, I am not allowed to switch to the other business class, meaning that if I want to carry on with business I need to continue in my current class which I always dread going to. Of course, I also have the option of doing geography or history, and I'm leaning towards the history option at the moment. I'm just concerned that with the I.B I have I will struggle if I swap to History as its so content heavy! What do you think the best option is, business or history? Bear in mind I'm not sure what I want to study at university yet, but most likely something to do with Law or Psychology. My second question is, should I take French rather than Theatre? I have a true passion for drama, and my teacher sees a lot of potential in me. However, I know I won't end up studying anything theatre related, and a third language may benefit me more in the future...My parents insist that I take french, not only for the many benefits of being trilingual but the french class currently contains two students, three if I were to join, so I feel as though I'd learn a lot these two years... What should I do? Thanks in advance for the help!! I need advice! Ellen xx
  14. I have to start my IA this week, and I cannot decide on what aspect of business I should base it on? Should I focus on work force motivation? Production? or finance? please help, I'm really confused and my teacher didn't give us much support before the break.
  15. Hey guys. I'm choosing my IB DP courses soon, and I haven't settled on what I want to do in the IB. What I'm currently thinking about right now is: Physics HL Business Management HL Economics HL But... I'm stuck between whether I want to become a pilot, or I want to do something in business. So I want to choose courses that can help me pursue both when I make up my mind. I surely want to do Physics at HL, but I don't know if I should swap out Business Management or Economics for Geography... I need some help, and any answers will be greatly appreciated! Should I just do Physics, B&M, and Economics? Or should I replace either B&M or Econ with Geography, and if so, which one should I replace and why? Thanks for the help!
  16. hey i need a research question i already have one but i need some help with it, what can i improve on it? we have a business and we just started its a cosmetics centre my question is How could company x increase their annual profit as a new business in a competitive market? i wanna go in that direction as i see it as an opportunity since they just started to write about it, what do i need to do to refine the question? or is it good already thanks a lot!
  17. I am doing my Extended essay on business with the research question: "To what extent does Lush Cosmetics Corporation being a CSR organisation have an impact to their market share?" However, I am struggling on how to start my research. Do I have to email the company? If so, what kind of message should I tell them? How do I sturcture my essay? What is the basic EE content? If I Corporate Social Responsibility is a huge part of my EE, do I need to have a whole section on CSR itself or should I just focus on Lush?
  18. Hi, So Im really behind on my EE and have no idea what to do? Is there a basic structure we should follow? I got very few instructions from my supervisor Im doing mine in Business and the first draft is due in August 15th but i currently have nothing, not even a research question. So i'm really behind :'( I want to focus it on Nike's use of social media in marketing but I'm not sure how to form a research question out of this or if it's maybe too specific and therefore wouldn't be able to cover 4000 words. Also wondering if I should compare it with another company, so do 2 companies instead? So basically a question like "To what extent has social media marketing contributed to Nike's loyal customer base(or brand name)" or "How has nike's social media marketing strategy contributed to its success" or "Should ___company implement Nike's social media marketing strategy" Please help, thank you in advance!
  19. Hi, i've been scouring the internet for a business extended essay sample that scored well with the ib but have discovered none Does anyone happen to know a site or some place i can check out some examples of a good business ee Thank you in advance
  20. Can anyone PLEASE give me some good tips for how to study(revise) Business and management? I really regret that I chose to do B&M but semester 1 has already passed and there's no way I can change my subject at this stage. So I know that though B&M is not my type, I really have to get into it and try really hard to get at least 5 or 6 at the end (To raise my overall grade as high as I can). The problem is that the textbook is so huge and I have no idea where to start and how I should revise since I couldn't actually concentrate during class time. Whenever I open the book trying to revise, my brain just goes totally blank by the amount of text and facts laid in front of me. B&M is so much stress for me right now. My overall grade for semester 1 has gone so much down because of this subject. Also I have spent almost entire 3 weeks holiday with this B&M textbook trying to catch up, but now I feel like I haven't gained anything like I still have the same knowledge as I did before the holidays started (I have only 4 days left till school now). This is REALLY driving me crazy. I really need to get back on track before it gets too late. I'm really desperate. I really long for some good tips and advice. I'm also thinking of buying revision book so please recommend me some good revision books. It would be great to find out some useful websites to revise as well. So please feel free to give me some tips such as how you guys revised B&M or how you guys received good results for B&M. Just ANYTHING useful about B&M would be appreciated. Will be waiting for some good answers!! THANK YOU!! (I take SL) -I found out that B&M revision notes uploaded by other users, are only open to VIP members of this website , which I think is very unfair since I thought this 'IB SURVIVAL' website was for all the students who need help with their study regardless of how much they have been using this website.
  21. Hey guys! My topic for the EE is , "How significant is market positioning in establishing Emami's Tejomaya as a trustable brand in OMR,chennai?" A basic introduction to the topic: Emami is a huge group that works in various sectors such as health, technology etc. One such subsidiary is Emami realty that takes care of promotion of properties. They are an established promoter/developer who have already done projects across india and through Tejomaya they are venturing into an already established, growth oriented segment at OMR,Chennai. OMR is considered the IT hub of Chennai and has various existing apartments. My essay would ideally be focusing on how the mass public can look over existing apartments and prefer tejomaya in the future ( i'll compare USP's and features), i'll also look to incorporate the fact that they have done well in other projects (trustability) and conclude by suggesting additional marketing strategies to increase their awareness amongst consumers. Now my first question is whether my question is appropriate secondly I also want to know how to cite pamphlets and brochures as they will be the main source of my secondary data thirdly, what are the tools i can use? despite working it out, i dont feel really confident and start cringing always when i start the work (not sure how to structure) so some motivation and advvice from previous EE students would help if anyone has any other clarificaion or wish to directly assist me DM Me thanks in advance
  22. Hi, So after a long search I've finally found a business willing to participate in my IA. However, the business is a very local one and don't have proper documentations eg. business plan nor digital records of past sales and such. They've only just established a computerised system 2 weeks ago. I was wondering if I could still do my IA on them despite the lack of official docs and insight on past trends. Also there are no secondary research that I would be able to collect on them ( which is a section in the research proposal structure i was given by my teacher) as they do not have anything online at all, no website or page. Thanks
  23. Results out very soon!!!!! For those who took Business and Management SL, what did you all answer for the CUEGIS question??
  24. Hello all, I need help choosing my HL subjects for next year. Right now, I have chosen HL English, Biology, and Chemistry. My SLs are Math, French, and Business Management. However, I am considering changing to SL Chem, and HL business management in order to lighten the work load since many people are telling me how difficult two HL sciences are. Will it lighten the work load for me? I'm not sure because each of the higher level sciences require 10 hours for the ia, whereas hl business requires 30 hours (according to ib). Will I have to study more for HL chem or HL business? Will taking HL business instead of two HL sciences decrease my chances of getting into a science program (pre-med) at a prestigious uni like Oxford or Cambridge? Thanks for your input.
  25. Hi! I am having some trouble coming up with a topic for my business standard IA, does someone have any suggestions? What did you do for yours? Thanks!