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Found 298 results

  1. Hi! I'm a Chemistry student currently undergoing corrections for my IA draft. I just really really REALLY need help on what the points to IB grades are. For example, how many points do I need to score from the overall rubric in order to barely reach a 7? How about 6? and so on and so forth. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I was curious if you guys could give me some advice on how to maximize my points for the IA that I have. It's due in one day and I'm retouching it but I have a few concerns. I have a pretty edgy topic that ended up not going too much in my favor for reasons out of my control (but I didn't want to switch topics because it was too late). It is a database IA, so no procedures or such. It is on the effect of electronegativity gap between atoms in diatomic covalent and ionic compounds on the melting point of those compounds. I talk a lot in my background about intermolecular forces, lattice energy, etc. What I ended up discovering was that there really was no noticeable trend due only to electronegativity gap increases which created stronger dipoles. I read into this and it appears that it had to do with the atomic radius and ultimately the distance between the atoms in the compound itself. Thus, since electronegativity and radius are both fundamental properties of elements, it's sort of impossible to isolate either of the variables due to the fact that they are both present in Coulomb's law. My question is that since my hypothesis was that there would be a trend due to the electronegativity gap, is it ok that I'm wrong if I explore the reason for my error? I decided that I could choose three or so compounds with similar distance between the atoms to keep that more or less constant and then see the effect of electronegativity increase on the melting points. Is that a suitable path? Also, since I am wrong in my hypothesis, what would I put for error since really it's kind of the entire thing? I don't expect to get full marks simply because of the topic's inadequacy, but I'd like to maximize my score and get at least a B (6). Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'll be starting the IB pretty soon and would like a little heads up on my subject combination. So far, I have decided on: Chemistry HL Mathematics HL Economics HL Lang and Lit SL Chinese B SL History SL I would like to take computer science as a degree in a uni but am relatively unsure in swapping out chemistry for computer science because it's something I haven't really done before and chemistry is pretty much of a core science. After some thorough searching, most courses I'm going after in university level don't really require chemistry but it might still be a bonus? I dunno. And would History SL be ok or should I swap it out for Physics SL? I think physics would be much more related to my preferred course of study but I do love history (that's why I put it in). I heard from someone that mugging for history SL is pretty much the same as mugging for history HL. Is that true? Thanks for reading through all these!
  4. Hi so for my IA I am doing the effect of temperature on the vitamin C content of pineapple juice. However, I am having some trouble writing my procedure, I was wondering if anyone has done this experiment and if they could please share it with me so that I know I am on the right track! Thank you so much (and yes i know this lab is so mainstream lol) -abi
  5. Hello all, I would really appreciate any help with this issue. For my CHEM ia I'm really interested in diabetes/ sugar levels and what factors could decrease its presence. I don't know exactly what to do for it, can someone advice me with things that could be related back to ib chemistry?
  6. Hey guys. So I've finished my EE, my IAs.. everything except my chemistry IA which is proving to be a real pain. My topic was the percentage by mass of ammonium in different fertilizers, and using back titration, I found the percentage by mass. The experimentation was easy enough, and that is all done, and my readings are more or less what I expected. However, I am having trouble with actually writing my IA. For my results analysis, all I can write is which fertilizer is the best out of the three. Is there anything else I can write in my analysis or any possible graphs I can include? Please help, this is the only thing I have left to finish, and its due in less than 3 days. Thanks in advance, you guys!
  7. So we were supposed to come up with our EE topics a few weeks ago, and I sat for hours on end trying to come up with something good, but alas, I really couldn't think of anything... so for temporary measures, I put in: RQ: "What is the effect of different cooking methods on the vitamin C content in Solanum S. tuberosum?" Topic: Vitamin C content in potatoes prepared with different cooking methods I have a few questions, though: 1. Do you think that this topic is sufficient to write about or should I start thinking of an entirely new topic? What kind of mark might I be expecting to get out of this? Around a C? 2. Additionally, would this fall under the subject of chemistry? Thank you for your help!
  8. Just finished my first semester of IB and WOW is this an experience. Definitely rewarding, I feel, but I am worried about my schedule for next semester. I was supposed to take Bio HL as my one science next semester and Art SL this semester, but my Marching Band class this semester was the same block as Art SL (the only time when they offer art) so I was forced to switch into Chem SL next semester. So that means I have bio first block and chem fourth block in the same semester, and science is without a doubt my weakest subject. I talked with my coordinator and she said she thought I would be fine doubling up on science but I would like to know what you all think that have taken these classes? Are they extremely rigorous with tons of homework? Or do they compliment/overlap each other at all in content since they are both natural sciences? Thanks for any insight you can provide!! ~hunter
  9. Hello all, I would really appreciate any help with this issue. For my CHEM ia I'm really interested in diabetes/ sugar levels and what factors could decrease its presence. I don't know exactly what to do for it, can someone advice me with things that could be related back to ib chemistry?
  10. Heey guys, I have am kinda stuck with my extended essay, I mean I kinda figured out a title: "Determining the acidity level of (insert fruit) and determining which is safer for (insert illness) patients?
  11. Chemistry Syllabus Content View File The differences in the 2016 syllabus from the 2009 content to make studying a tad easier Submitter apoello Submitted 12/26/2016 Category Chemistry  
  12. Chemistry Syllabus Content


    The differences in the 2016 syllabus from the 2009 content to make studying a tad easier
  13. Hey guys I was wondering, is it allowed to make an enzyme(CATALYST) experiment where rate of reaction is calculated for a chemistry IA or is it only allowed/good for biology IA?? thanks
  14. I am wondering if this would be a good subject combo: HL Economics HL Biology HL English (not sure yet if I want lang & lit or lit) SL Math SL Finnish SL Chemistry Unfortunately I have no idea where I want to study after the IB, or what I want to study. I am wondering if these seem like subject choices that wouldn't close too many doors for me. The thing that troubles me the most is if it is "useless" to take HL bio without taking HL chemistry with it. I don't enjoy chemistry that much, but then again I've always had horrible teachers which has drawn me away from the subject itself. Though in the IB I would have a new teacher. I really don't know if I should take chemistry at all or if it is important. Thank you for any replies in advance
  15. 25.0g of LiCl and 55..0g of CaCl2 is mixed together with water to make a solution. The final [Cl-] is 0.632 mol dm-3. What is the final volume of the solution? The correct answer is 2.5 dm3. I solved for moles for both compounds first. C1V1 = C2V2 , which is the same as n =C2V2.. so I need concentration of each compound right? How do I figure that out from the final concentration of Cl?
  16. I need help figuring out more quantitative date for my Chemistry IA experiment. I am creating fires (most likely grease in order to mimic a cooking fire) and testing the speed that they are extinguished with different masses and particle sizes of sodium bicarbonate. Is there anything else that I could test for while doing my experiment that would lend itself to more quantitative over qualitative data?
  17. Hey guys!! I was wondering if any of you have taken or are taking some form of online tuition for chemistry, and if so if you could recommend a tutor of some sort. I'm having some troubles with my teacher and I basically don't understand anything he tries to explain to me. Just any kind of resources, even like just a good YouTube channel, but where the teacher has some experience in IB and IB type questions. Thanks!
  18. Hey, guys. I'll just give out a list of my subjects in case it helps: HL: Biology, Chemistry, English SL: French, Psychology, Maths I'm currently thinking of going into the medical field, but I've been having some doubt recently. I want to do Psychiatry and if my calculations are correct, it would take 10+ years to finish my education. So I might just go into the healthcare field, not necessarily Medicine, but something similar. Although, as I said, I'm not sure yet. So I currently am a right disgrace in Chemistry. Don't get me wrong, I really, really like the subject and am incredibly interested in the sciences. But I'm afraid my teacher isn't exactly the best (okay, she's really...well, she's just not good at teaching concepts from scratch) and I'm literally failing my tests. I'm great at everything else, like the lab experiments, lab reports, and things that require you to be logical/practical. I actually ENJOY writing the lab reports, analysing data, etc. But when it comes to writing the tests, I am not doing well at all. And it feels terrible. I legitimately considered just dropping the subject as a whole because of how much I loathed Chemistry class. Now obviously that wouldn't look good on my university application if I actually do intend on doing Medicine. I want you guys to know that I am absolutely sure of that fact that I enjoy Chemistry. After looking at the situation from different perspectives and approaches, I've settled on the problem being the teacher. I sat back with her for some extra classes but it did not work out. I still didn't understand anything. I then thought that I could try to study it on my own but it was taking too much of my time and that would lead to me losing progress in other subjects. I really don't want to drop Chemistry. So I was wondering if shifting from HL to SL would help me enough to get a decent score in the subject. I'm not even asking for a 6/7, I personally think a 4 or 5 would do, that's how bad I am at it right now. I'd have to switch my levels in Psychology since that's the only SL subject I have that I can viably change levels in. My mid-year exams (just a series of summative exams that follow the pattern of the actual IB exam) end on December 9 (Friday), and after that, it'll be the last chance I have to drop the subject and take up something else. So if I choose to keep Chemistry, I'll have to stick with it. I can change levels for another year, however, so that's more under control. But do you guys think that I should switch from Chem HL to SL? Or just drop the subject as a whole? Will switching to SL be easier enough for me to not just drop the subject? Please keep in mind I DO enjoy the subject. I just don't enjoy the class. I think that's a pretty valid difference. Do you think I can handle Chemistry on my own? Not the whole subject, but most of it here and there? It's not possible to change to another class+teacher because the schedules are super tight. If I come across stuff that is too difficult for me to study on my own, I'll go to the teacher. But would it be better if I just switched to SL later? Is it "easier" to score in, by a large number? Also, I'm thinking of going to university in Canada. I think that information might matter as this question also concerns university applications. Thank you for your time. Sorry if I missed any important details. Sincerely, A really confused/afraid student who has a lot of potential but doesn't know what to do.
  19. Hi :-) I am a very passionate amateur chemist and I want to know if I could do all 4 options of chemistry and learn some further org chem. It's pretty like further math, where you study 4 options of math and some further geometry and algebra. I am the only HL student in my grade along with 2 SL students and I think my teacher could spend lots of time on us. So I am wondering if this is possible. Thanks
  20. Hello, First year chemistry SL student here. I am struggling a lot with this subject, so I was wondering how all of you chem geniuses study? Any useful links would be much appreciated!
  21. Hi, does anyone know for 2017 may, what are the required format for chemistry sl ee and ia in: font size font type margin around the paper space within paragraph and between paragraph Thanks!
  22. Hi, i am an IB junior this year, and I was wondering how I could go about doing a dry ice acid-base neutralization for an IA. I have no idea how to setup an IA or even make it 10hrs long! HelP!
  23. So I'm currently a sophomore in the pre-IB program, about to pick my courses for the next two years. For some reason (read: Because of low budgets), my school STRONGLY discourages taking two HL sciences. They tell us that the workload is too excessive and so it is not recommended, but it is still an option. The problem is, I've always been strongly inclined towards the sciences, and my future career aspirations involve both a strong base of both Biology and Chemistry. So my question is, should I follow my initial goal to take HL Bio and HL Chem or play it safe like everyone wants me to do? I really don't have a problem with the anticipated workload and I'm pretty good at managing my time effectively; however, all this fear-mongering has me questioning if I can achieve a 7 in both subjects, as well as stay active with extra-curriculars and volunteering that I am very involved in (and of course, have some semblance of a social life). By the way, I'm also planning on taking HL English, SL Math, SL Economics, and SL French. I might have to switch to HL Business if I decide to cave into the pressure of 1 HL and 1 SL science, since our school doesn't offer HL Math or HL French (...I know, right? we got no options). Advice would be appreciated!
  24. The experiment I'm conducting measures the rate of reaction for varying baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) concentrations. I will be putting tarnished silverware into a bath of water and soda within a beaker that is lined with aluminum foil. I conducted this experiment, and my trials suggest an exponential trend. Now when calculating the rate of reaction, I need the equation in order to find the rate order equation. Using prior research, I can determined the equation to be 3 Ag2S(s) + 2 Al(s) + 3 H2O (l) –––> 6 Ag(s) + 3 H2S (aq) + Al2O3(s). I don't see the baking soda coming into play in this equation, despite being the changing variable (as in factor affecting the rate of reaction). Is this equation being used incorrect, or is there a reason towards why baking soda isn't being incorperated. I assumed I cannot continue to find the rate of reaction without the equation with the changing concentration (being the baking soda). Thank you for your time, please help I'm struggling IA due soon
  25. I'm stuck in this two point question... can anyone help? During this experiment it is possible that not all of the magnesium would react with oxygen. State one may that the reaction could be helped to completion and how the final mass would be affected if the reaction did not complete. I'm sure you're all familiar with the experiment (heating magnesium in a crucible and lifting the lid to get air/oxygen in to react with air) so please help! Due tomorrow