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Found 587 results

  1. I have some confusion regarding the theme Health and Development. What do they mean by development? Economic development or mental, social development? Replies would be greeeeatly appreciated thank you
  2. I have some confusion regarding the theme Health and Development. What do they mean by development? Economic development or mental, social development?
  3. Hey guys, I was just curious about what you guys think about these assignments above. Which one do you have the most and why?
  4. How do you typically answer a "to what extent.." research question in order to form a thesis in history? My research question is "To what extend did the Suez Crisis impact British influence in Egypt". Thanks!
  5. Okay lemme be honest. I actually don't want to take EE because I'm an ib certificate student.. But deeeeep in my heart I feel like doing it. So m question is,, urmm is EE really benefit for my University application? Well because I'm taking IB certificate and obviously I don't have to do it but,,, SUGGESTIONS PLEASEEE
  6. Hi, I'm in my second year of IB and I really need help with trying to process my ee data. My research question is how does the thickness of a metallic strip affect the amplitude of the strip in a standing wave. I am open to any recommendations to change my question. I have all my raw data but I'm stuck on how to process the data. The raw data is the amplitudes from the standing wave. If there are any possible formulas that I could use which includes amplitude in it I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. I have applied to Canadian universities with the university of Toronto as my ideal choice. My predicted grades match the requirements on the website but I am predicted a conditional passing grade for the core subjects (B in ToK, E in EE and total predicted of above 28). How bad is my situation?
  8. Hey people, In few days I need to hand in my EE, the problem is I have done 3800 words but my teacher told me I won't pass because I am missing the artifact. I was thinking about analyzing few punk songs (my theme is actually talking about the influence of the movement on people throughout the years) and now I don't know is that a good idea? First I was thinking about documentary movies but they are all crappy quality and mostly don't show any influence on the society and now I'm stuck here without an artifact... what would you recommend me to do?
  9. Hi It's my second semester in the DP and I have already started wondering what subject to choose for my EE. (I want to make preparations as early as possible to avoid procrastination). The problem is like this: I have lots of different academic interests and I don't want to focus on single interests. I initially thought about doing a history EE about French revolution (focus on Marie Antoinette) or fashion in the victorian times because I like European classical culture (like history, classical music and art) a lot. I watch BBC history documentaries, costume dramas, and I subscribe to accounts introducing classical culture. I had a talk with my teacher and he is very supportive of my topic choice. However, my history writing skills isn't so good and I don't want to get a bad grade on my EE which could potentially lower my IB score. I am also not sure whether I should avoid writing about my higher level subjects for the EE to keep me balanced. I have chem, design and math as my highers, and I am going for dual degree in chem and graphic design in university. The reason I don't want to write chemistry is that I spend lots of time doing EC's about chemistry. I write a blog, work with chemists internationally on science writing projects, and now, collaborate with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (probably once a week) and Tsinghua Univ. to run STEAM (STEM+art), science illustration and chem outreach programs. I also subscribe to various chem magazines and shows. (Similar reason with design tech.) I have always loved being multidisciplinary and learning about different topics. I don't want to restrict myself. Another reason is that I want to write a really good paper if I choose to do chem EE (which is probably, to use the labs in BUCT and get formal instructions). However, my teacher told me that he needs to supervise me when I am doing my EE, and he once had a student who worked on the EE in a good lab and got a B. I don't want to do it at school--the school has much less facilities and good chemicals. It will make my EE a 'crappy' school lab paper. So guys, what can I do?
  10. Doing my EE in economics. Could I do competiton between Asian food importers? OR i could do competition of Indian restaurants.
  11. plagiarism

    Hey guys! Does anyone know an anti-plagiarism program or software, especially for IA or EE?.. Just wanna to be sure that my work is unique Thanks in advance XOXO
  12. Hello, I'm a physics student and I'm writing my EE in physics. My research question is "how does wavelength of light affect the energy output of a photovoltaic cell?" I will be comparing different types of lights such as incandescent light, fluorescent light, sunlight, and LED light. I bought a small 1W solar panel and now I need to find some ways to control the experiment. My biggest concern is controlling the intensity of all light sources. I believe since my independent variables are wavelengths of different types of light, I should keep the intensity same right? For example, I can't have one tiny LED light and 1 240V incandescent light because they produce different amount of light that will be used by the solar panel. Is there a way I could figure out the intensity of each light? Or is the intensity irrelevant in my experiment? I have no idea. I would greatly appreciate if you can give me some advise as to what I could try. Thank you
  13. Hello, I am in Grade 11 and am about to embark on the journey on writing an EE. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice, or critiques on the question I am going to submit? I don't have it fully written out but its about how women in houses/windows are used to symbolise their feelings of entrapment in both House on Mango Street and The Yellow Wallpaper.
  14. I've been having trouble coming up with EE topics and questions that I can write about and thought that'd I'd be able to find some help or inspiration here! For Chemistry, I was interested in effects in the evorinment, but I'm not sure how to go about the experiment. For History, I was thinking about writing about the LGBT+ movement and what factors lead to changes of said movement in the U.S. While these topics are intriguing, I'm open to other suggestions or ideas as well! Also, I was looking for opinions on a possible Visual Arts EE question: How does the use of Color Theory in pieces affect viewers emotions or feelings towards them and how does it deepen meaning artists try to portray? (Honestly it doesn't seem very good to me, but I love talking about color theory.)
  15. Hello everyone, I'm doing an EE in Psychology and was thinking about choosing dreams as my topic. However, I need to make sure to not make it too biological. I was thinking if I could do something related to consciousness, but I am very unsure if I will be able to produce a good EE on that. Maybe I should choose another topic, for example love? To what extent is romantic love biologically influenced? I am very confused at the moment and want to make sure to do a good job on it. If you could please give me some ideas on good topics in psychology that would be so great. Thank you so much!
  16. Hi So I already have my topic and some information founded for my extended essay, but I think my topic question is not well structurized at all, maybe because of my english or the topic is not clear. My Question is . ''How did the ideology of education and formation the French people end up with such bloodthirsty results as the French revolution?'' . I hope you people understand my question, thank you
  17. Hi guys. I have already looked through lots of ee on econs and I found out that most students did their ee on market structure, e.g. to what extent is ... operating in a perfect competition? If I were to do my ee on market structure, will it seem to be lacking originality which IB examiners are looking for?
  18. Hi guys! (Just to give you some background about me : I am very interested in economics but my school does not offer it in group 6. So I sacrificed it in order to take history at group 3 which is a recommended subject for a law degree.) I do not have in-depth knowledge in econs but I studied econs in IGCSE(which is why I developed an interest in econs). I would like to do an ee on econs but I was intimidated by this :"the more background a student has in the subject, the better the chance he or she has of writing a good extended essay. Choosing to write the extended essay in a subject that is not being studied as part of the Diploma Programme often leads to lower marks" quoted from Extended essay guide. Any advice or similar experience on this matter ? Thank you very very much .
  19. Hi, I'm a junior IB student and we have started looking into our Extended Essays for a little while now. As my topic I choose English specifically language. As a sort of an idea for my question my teacher and I decided upon, " How has social media influenced the portrayal of women today in society?" I found several sources, but I feel that it's so broad that it will be difficult to structure my essay. Furthermore, it seems like such a broad topic that I do not know what I will be arguing. I have been reading several examples to help me out and from what I've seen a lot of the essays are based on books and examining them. I was wondering if maybe I should center my question upon a book I really like. For instance, my favorite book is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I was wondering if maybe I could argue something along the lines of how Veronica Roth's portrayal of women within the novels is a form of feminism? I think this would benefit because it is my favorite book so I could really elaborate on this topic. If anyone could help me out on narrowing down my question or whether I should change it. Thank you!!
  20. So we were supposed to come up with our EE topics a few weeks ago, and I sat for hours on end trying to come up with something good, but alas, I really couldn't think of anything... so for temporary measures, I put in: RQ: "What is the effect of different cooking methods on the vitamin C content in Solanum S. tuberosum?" Topic: Vitamin C content in potatoes prepared with different cooking methods I have a few questions, though: 1. Do you think that this topic is sufficient to write about or should I start thinking of an entirely new topic? What kind of mark might I be expecting to get out of this? Around a C? 2. Additionally, would this fall under the subject of chemistry? Thank you for your help!
  21. Hello, I have currently made some adjustments to my research question for the Extended Essay. It is about Islamic history in the Middle East -- "To what extent today commemoration of the day of Ashura is justified?" In the essay, I evaluated different approaches to the battle of Karbala and the purpose of Hussain (a protagonist of the battle) when he did not pay homage to the new ruler Yazid. I know this is a very unfamous battle, yet people know about the self-flagellation in different Muslim countries, which is related to my topic. Do I need to specify the question?
  22. Hey everyone, I read through the English B EE guide and I'm getting confused with category 2b. Can laws fall under the category of an artifact? And am I allowed to write about specific social issues such as the integration of Muslim women into the British society and the influence of the legalisation of an alternative dispute body like Sharia councils under the Arbitration Act 1996? Or is it better to look at how British media portrays British Muslim women? Hope someone can help me! I'm so lost... I had an interesting EE topic but it didn't fit under the English B criteria.
  23. Hi guys I want to do a World Studies EE in Biology and Geography, do you think this is a good idea? Any helpful tips or info you could give me? I don't know what question to explore though, am I late starting??
  24. Hi, My current research question is: To what extent were the social and political British imperialistic influences in China in the 1900’s a responsible factor for the collapse of the Qing Empire? In my essay I want to analyze the social and political influences the British had on China and how those were a responsible factor for the collapse of the qing empire near the end of the imperialistic era. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on both my topic and on how to improve my research question.
  25. How would I go about structuring an EE in market competition? I have been struggling to come up with a topic, but have several ideas. If you think one is good or have another Idea i beg you to post it, and how I should go about to get my data. IDEAS I could do how the development of a region in my area has increased demand of educational services, leading to production of a school, however causing student numbers of another to drop drastically, due to lower fees, and easier to get to (its close to the new suburb) My local shops have 1 smoothie shop and i could do to what extent is this a monopoly OR i could do to what extent do food stalls in the Eatery OR clothes shops display characteristics of a market in perfect competition. We recently had a large shopping brand enter my city. I could do how this effects demand at the other stalls, and what potential does this shop have to become a monopoly and say how it effects other substitutes from entering the market. Thank you guys sooo much for posting stuff. You are the best!!!