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Found 35 results

  1. Hi guys, I currently have a 6 from German B SL. My Paper 2's are usually moving around 20 to 22 points out of 25, so basically a 6, however my huge weakness is the Paper 1, which I sometimes even get a 4 on. I have a question. I cannot seem to understand how I can prepare or improve my skills in the Paper 1's, do you guys have any special techniques or any tips? My MYP German teacher was completely useless and I feel I am catching up everything in these two years. I am graduating soon, so any feedback would be appreacited. By the way, I have a lot of vocabulary papers, concerning Grammar as well. Thanks for your help, any feedback or help appreciated.
  2. Hi! I'm a Chemistry student currently undergoing corrections for my IA draft. I just really really REALLY need help on what the points to IB grades are. For example, how many points do I need to score from the overall rubric in order to barely reach a 7? How about 6? and so on and so forth. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. I found this scale online for converting IB scores to GPA: 7 = 4.0 6 = 3.7 5 = 3 4 = 2.3 I was wondering how accurate this is. I've got a GPA of 3.85 according to this (39/42 in my first year finals). Does that sound right? The thing is I'm not sure how this would take into account EE and TOK. If anyone has an 'official' scale to convert IB points to GPA, please let me know.
  4. Hi everyone, My research question for my IA is: What is the correlation between the number of hours of sleep and academic performance in mathematics? I know with this I will be able to get more points in personal engagement but I'm worried it's too simple for mathematical knowledge and I'm afraid my teacher might reject this topic. Are there any ways to increase the complexity of the topic and what kinds of maths/equations would I be able to do with the statistics/data I collect? Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. If one gets 7's on the IA's and 5 on the External exams --> what will the final score be?
  6. Can anybody give me some information about how the IB grades? I heard that assessments were out of 8 but final grades were out of 7? I'm not sure how it works. Thanks
  7. I was just called in by the principal to talk about my grades. My semester 1 reports shows that I achieved total points of 31 excluding bonus points, and semester 2 it dropped to 26 points. He recommended that I consider dropping my IB and just get into college with a regular diploma. Im thinking of going to school in Canada. What do you guys think? My teachers think that I can regain my points in the beginning of 12th grade and I think so too and I would hate to be the only one not taking IB while all my friends are.
  8. Hey , so I am starting the IB this September and I want to get into a university in the UK. And I wonder, whether they look at the grades you had before IB? Last school year I had quite serious health issues which resulted into more than 70% absence at school and very bad grades - including Cs and Ds. This school year my grades are quite average, depending on the effort I put in now they can result into either As and a few Bs (even straight As if I rewrite a few exams) or a mixture of As, Bs and Cs. I can prove the health issues from last year, but I have no excuse for this years grades. Do you think its worth the effort or should I just let it slip as its the last month of the school year? This depends very much on whether the unis consider these grades as well. Do they consider them? Are bad grades before IB an disadvantage if they choose between your and another applicant with the same IB score? Thank you all. PS: We don't do GCSE or anything like that in the country I live in (which is currently not Israel). We only get normal school report cards.
  9. I recently finished my IB1 final exams and got a 39/42. Is this score good for Ivy league schools?
  10. I just came out of my physics HL paper 3 exam. I didn't do well, although a large part of the blame is my horrible teacher. Anyways, I did pretty well on my internal assessment, and expect a 20/24 or 19/24. (hopefully) I did well on the paper 1 too, and might get from 28-30/40. Paper 2 was horrible (and you may have heard that the exam was very challenging), and I'm wildly estimating a 40/95 (this might be lower or higher idk) Paper 3: Section A I did really well, but Section B (engineering physics) was pretty bad. I don't know how to estimate for this one, as I don't know what percentage of the grade Section A is. If it's divided 50.50 then I'm estimating a 36/60, if it's 40A.60B then I'd get something like 29/60. Knowing this information, how much do you think I'd get in total? I used an online calculator and it said I'd get a 5, but I don't know how accurate it is. This has to be one of my most disappointing experiences ever as I had been heavily hoping and needing a 6, but that's not happening now. EDIT: My biggest worry is that I might get a 4.
  11. I've received offers from unis in Scotland but when is the latest I can accept one of them? I'm extremely worried I won't get the grades I need so I'd rather make the decision after I get my results, but do we need to accept before we get the results?
  12. Okay so it seems to me that everyone on this whole sites is only getting 7s. Am I the only one getting 4 and 5 and 6? What am I doing wrong?!
  13. So has anyone here skipped grades and also done the IB program? I'm 15 and going to just have turned 16 when I (hopefully) get my IB diploma and unsurprisingly it's unbelievably stressful. Being able to do coursework at a more advanced level doesn't give me some magical ability to do a ton more of that work. What are your experiences related to stress? How much sleep do you manage to get compared to other people in the IB program?
  14. Hey guys, I was just wondering how much significance the IB grade has on the university applications to the US. For example, in my school, some of the teachers are really lazy (because the school does not want to cut them) and thus, it is really hard for the students to ask for help after school/questions about a summative assignment. Furthermore, the teacher that teaches the subject I want to major in the future, does not give a SH*T about his students, as he is long-term contracted with the school and will receive his pay anyways, no matter in what manner he teaches. In conclusion, the question I want to ask is this: Do US Universities care more about a applicant's SAT grade then their IB grades? In other words, if I have a low IB grade but a high SAT grade, would it cover up for my sad IB grade? (I'm not saying my IB grade is under 30 or anything, it is around 30-40). If anyone has seen this case in real life, mind describing what happened (what grades he/she had etc.)? Thanks, Aesop
  15. Im currently doing my first term IB.In my school we have a separate grade for internal assessments and exams. My internal grades are not amazing. Physics-5,Computer sci-7,Business and B & M -6,English-5,Math-5,French - 5. Are these really bad internal grades?Are these grades important from the point of view of a university? What should I be aiming for in my first term exams?
  16. I'm not completely sure on how to fill out the education section on the UCAS application. I attend an American high school, which goes from grades 9-12. But for 11th grade, I started the IB Diploma Programme. I'm currently in my second year of IB (grade 12). Do I need to fill out all my high school grades or do I mention only IB And If I need to fill out all my american grades(9-10th grade), which qualification is that?? Thanks.
  17. Edit: IA handed in, thanks for all the responses! Hi guys - so my friend doesn't have an account here so posting it on her behalf. She's doing a math exploration about whether there's a correlation between sleep and grades. If you're currently in IB2 (class of 2016) and have your predicted grades, could you please fill this two-question survey? Thank you ^~^ Results collected are anonymous.
  18. To all the students in the 2014-2016 batch for the IB. We had a Predicted Grade examination 3 weeks ago and it went quite okay, except for few subjects like Math and Physics. I wanted to know how did the students in dubai and abroad felt of the examination and how was the portions for the exams? This is the May 2015 predicted Grades examinations........
  19. Hey guys in the application you send to UK unis are there predicted grades for the ToK essay and EE? Thanks
  20. I'm in IB1 and currently I'm not doing that well concerning grades, I mean I'm JUST passing. I'm studying a lot, and I mean a lot, but to no avail. What can I do to increase my grades? This is really getting annoying. my subjects are: HL: ITGS, Chemistry, and Arabic SL: Math, English A Lit, and Physics are there any methods I could use that could help me in studying or just methods where I can just higher grades? My finals are in 2 weeks, and I really want to do good on the finals so I can be able to go to the DP program next year. Thanks in advance.
  21. So, I have been taking Mathematics Higher level for the past ~6 months. I always do the homework given, the exam-style questions worksheets, pay attention in class and try to solve all my doubts. However, doesn't matter how much I study and do exercises, every time I get a new worksheet or question, I always have doubts or do something wrong. This has been a problem in my past tests. I do all the questions and solve my doubts, but when I get to do an exam, I sometimes have no idea how to do some questions, get something wrong on them or do some small mistakes that end up making the whole question wrong. This is for like, 70% of the questions on the test. I'm struggling and focusing all my study time on math and other hl subjects, but I don't seem to be able to get a grade better than 5, or even 4 sometimes. Has anyone experienced this? Studying a lot and believing you fully understand the topic, but you have tons of doubts every time you do a question that seem to appear from thin air? Sorry for any mistakes in English - I take English B
  22. HI, I am creating this topic because of the amount of contradicting information on the subject. I have completed the May 2014 exam session and passed. I chose to retake two subjects in May 2015 session. Bottom line is that exams start very soon and I am not prepared (various causes, don't want to go into detail). I have had a passing grade for both of these subjects. I am afraid I might not do so well this time around. Will the higher grade out of the two examinations be the one which is my final score? Will me failing the upcoming examination have any impact? What would happen if I did not show up for the examination? Will my diploma (assuming it carries all the grades over from 2014) have a date of 2015? I would be extremely grateful if any of you could shine some light onto the situation as I had some trouble finding the information on the IBO website. Thanks.
  23. So I've just got back my first set of official predicted grades: Chem HL: 6 Bio HL: 7 French B HL: 6 Math SL: 5 Business and Management SL: 6 English A SL: 6 I've been really struggling with maths ever since the beginning of the year, and I had been getting 4-5 in all my tests but my teacher predicted me a 5. This was all with the help of a math tutor, but I had to stop with the tutoring because it was getting too expensive, and my most recent math test result was a 3. I do know for sure that if i go to studies I'll get a 6 or 7, but I don't know if i can get above a 5 in math sl. If I drop to studies then my overall grade will be at around 37-38 without core points, and I can't choose whether to have a score below 40 but with math sl, or a score potentially over 40 but with math studies. Basically for uni I want to get out of Switzerland (although it is very nice, I've been here too long ) and I was looking at universities in Canada and the UK, but also in mainland Europe as well, to study medicine/forensic science/sport science. On the UBC website (one of my strong choices) it says that a 3 in SL Math is accepted with math studies not being accepted, but I have heard that for sciencey related courses, math studies is sometimes accepted. I don't have a swiss passport, and I have researched that international students have to pay much more than EU students. I can't really deal with paying the full scholarship for med school and other sciencey courses so I have to look for scholarships and grants, but I have heard that international students like me have less of a chance of being accepted to scholarship programs. I guess my question really is: should I drop to math studies? I don't know if i'll be able to hold that 5 in math sl for the whole of the two years. My course choices aren't set in stone and I'm open to suggestions of any alternatives, but I really do want to study abroad. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!!
  24. Hello everyone ! I study 2-3 hours a day and that seems to be enough for me, but some subjects are harder than others. Chemistry and Biology seems to require a lot more time than for example history and business and management. Biology and Chemistry are my favorite subjects, but since I think it's a lot easier studying for history and Business and management, I'm thinking about choosing these subjects for the IB programme next year (I'm in the pre-IB right now). what would you have done ? Would you have chosen the subjects where you have to study the least and graduate with good grades or put a little extra effort and get good grades at the subjects you like? P.s (I'm getting about 85-95percent on every test , but the difference is the time required to do so) thanks in advance
  25. Hi, Im trying to collect data for my Maths IA and I would really appreciate if you could fill out the poll!