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Found 322 results

  1. So I'm in my second semester of my preparation year and I now have to decide what subjects I want. I want to study medicine so therefore I have decided to study both chem and bio HL, I still need to decide what group 3 subject I want and at what level. I can pick from history, phsycology and economics all at both SL and HL, which one would you recommend?
  2. How do you typically answer a "to what extent.." research question in order to form a thesis in history? My research question is "To what extend did the Suez Crisis impact British influence in Egypt". Thanks!
  3. Do you think this topic will work? This is my History HL IA for the new syllabus. To what extent does the interpretation of Japanese constitution article 9 affected the revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty in 1960? If this doesnt work, do you have any suggested topic in this field?
  4. Hi there, I'll be starting the IB pretty soon and would like a little heads up on my subject combination. So far, I have decided on: Chemistry HL Mathematics HL Economics HL Lang and Lit SL Chinese B SL History SL I would like to take computer science as a degree in a uni but am relatively unsure in swapping out chemistry for computer science because it's something I haven't really done before and chemistry is pretty much of a core science. After some thorough searching, most courses I'm going after in university level don't really require chemistry but it might still be a bonus? I dunno. And would History SL be ok or should I swap it out for Physics SL? I think physics would be much more related to my preferred course of study but I do love history (that's why I put it in). I heard from someone that mugging for history SL is pretty much the same as mugging for history HL. Is that true? Thanks for reading through all these!
  5. So I'm getting into the nitty gritty bit of IB - all the IAs are due in the next two weeks or so - and I haven't done much yet. I just started and completed my TOK Essay, Spanish HL IA, and History HL IA in the last two days so now I'm starting on the EE and the English IA. I haven't firmly decided on a topic yet but I was thinking something along the lines of "to what extent did Islamic influences on Spain lead to the superiority of the Spanish Empire in the 16th century?" Is this a good topic to go with? Or will it be too difficult to find primary sources? Or do we even need primary sources for the history EE? Also, what is the format for the History EE? Is it like the IA? Or do we have more freedom? I've looked at various examples but they're all drastically different. I haven't received any advice from my school on how to go about doing this - IB is kinda inefficient, poorly-run, confusing and messy here - so I have no idea what I'm doing at any given time. Any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  6. Hey I am stuggling with my history paper. Can you tell me if question do you: How and to what extend Russian minority enriched and influenced cultural development of city of Lodz during 19th and beginning of 20th century? or To what Russian minority in Lodz contributed to the development of the city in 19th and 20th century? are good topic for IA because I am not sure ?
  7. Hello, I have currently made some adjustments to my research question for the Extended Essay. It is about Islamic history in the Middle East -- "To what extent today commemoration of the day of Ashura is justified?" In the essay, I evaluated different approaches to the battle of Karbala and the purpose of Hussain (a protagonist of the battle) when he did not pay homage to the new ruler Yazid. I know this is a very unfamous battle, yet people know about the self-flagellation in different Muslim countries, which is related to my topic. Do I need to specify the question?
  8. Hi! This is for the new 2017 syllabus IA (just a heads-up, though I'm pretty sure it doesn't change the RQ format). I've already done part 1/3 of the IA (the source identification and evaluation part), so while I'd appreciate phrasing and diction help, I'm sticking with this topic. I had already changed from 1870s US reconstruction policies to WWI US neutrality, and then from that to this. I have a penchant for Canadian history, which we study as much as US history in our Americas HL topic, so here it is: How was Prime Minister Borden’s leadership responsible for deepening the rift between French-Canadian and Anglo-Canadian national identity from 1911 to 1920? Please let me know if you think I should change anything -- like narrow down the time period, for instance. I chose 1911 to 1920 because the years span Borden's two terms and include the French-Canadian disdain for the early Naval Aid Bill, the Manitoba/Ontario bilingualism affair in trying to eradicate instruction in the French language, and the 1917-1918 Conscription crisis. Thanks!
  9. Hi, My current research question is: To what extent were the social and political British imperialistic influences in China in the 1900’s a responsible factor for the collapse of the Qing Empire? In my essay I want to analyze the social and political influences the British had on China and how those were a responsible factor for the collapse of the qing empire near the end of the imperialistic era. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on both my topic and on how to improve my research question.
  10. Hello! I'm studying Business and Management HL right now and it seems pretty hard to me, even though I do ALL the homework, read ALL the assigned pages! I am so afraid right now that I won't be able to pass the exam, cuz I couldn't memorize the therminology and all the aspects of this subject. I'm thinking of switching to History HL, but I'm not sure if it will make my life easier. And I'm studying on IB diploma 1 for 4 months already. So I would need to catch up a lot if I switch. Has anyone experienced it? Any advices? Which subject is easier to pass at the end?
  11. historyia

    I'm supposed to finish my history IA rough draft tonight. I want to do it on the Rwandan genocide but I cannot come up with a specific question. So far I have come up with "What were the leading events to the Rwandan genocide".
  12. Hello! I am currently in my first year of IB and wanted to switch from Psychology to History HL. My other subjects are - Economics HL, English HL, Math SL, Hindi SL and Biology SL. Is History considered to be more "academic" than psychology and thus, preferred by colleges? Also is it comparatively tougher to score a 7 in History? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hey everyone! I have a unique idea for my history IA... What does everyone think? I just want to validate it To what extent is Hamilton: An American Musical historically accurate in its account of Alexander Hamilton’s actions during the American Revolution?
  14. Hi everyone, I am currently in the DP in the 11th grade. Unfortunately, lately I've been kind of struggling in my contemporary history class (HL). Right now we are focusing on WWI and WW2 (the causes, effects, dictators, battles, etc.) What are some good websites I can use to understand these topics? Thank you.
  15. I need help in forming my history essay that deals with comparing and contrasting two indigenous cultures! I am having trouble with structure.
  16. I wanted to know if this was a good extended essay question, initially i wanted to do my ee with the topic of the cuban revolution, but ended up changing to the emancipation movement in south africa: "To what extent the actions of The African Congress and their leaders were decesive to end apartheid and the recuperation of the civil rights for the civil black race? My main concern is if it might be too broad
  17. Hello! I am submitting my History Extended Essay on the Partition of India in 1947 soon. In the essay, I quote and reference an interview I conducted with my grandfather who was displaced as a boy by the events I am writing about, making it a pretty valuable primary source. Where should I put the interview in it's entirety? It's not in published form obviously, so should I put it in an appendix? Is this recommended for History EEs? Thanks!
  18. Hey everyone, I am planning on writing my history IA on the Indian Independence. So far my research question is "To what extent was India’s Independence caused by mismanagement of power by Britain?" I don't know if this is a good question but my main problem is i am unable to find sources in order to answer my question. Thanks for the Help.
  19. I have a list of questions that I am considering to write my history IA, but I don't know if they're good and which one to choose. Any suggestions will help How important was the role of Gestapo to the maintenance of the concentration camps from 1933 to 1945? To what extent did Hitler’s creation of 3 enforcing organizations contribute to the collapse of Nazi Germany? To what extent did Hitler’s creation of 3 enforcing organizations contribute to the Nazi’s failure in the second half of world war 2? Were there any other solutions to the overpopulation problem other than the “Final Solution”? Did the Blood Purge of the SA strengthen the power the other enforcing organizations? To what extent did Gorings Four Year Plan shape the Blitzkrieg tactics the Nazis would later use in 1939?
  20. Hi Everyone, I am in need of help for the IB History course. I am looking for textbook/resource recommendations for the following history topics. Paper 1: Military Leaders Both Genghis Khan and Richard the Lionheart Paper 2: Society and Economy For the following topics The spread of Buddhism Cultural developments during the Song dynasty (960–1279) Architecture of Angkor Wat: Trade along the Silk Road The rise of the Samurai in Japan Paper 3: Japan 1912-1900 Any topics Paper 3: Impact of 20th Century Wars on SE-Asia All topics Kind regards Sam
  21. I'm going into IB next year and I'm not quite sure about my DP classes: HL: Psychology, Business and Management and English lan SL: Math Studies, ESS and German B What do you think? What is it good for? How hard are the classes? I'm a little unsure about business hl and what it focuses on so if anyone has any experience, can you tell me something about it?
  22. For my investigation I was going to look at the Loray Mill Strike in NC, and I wanted to know if my question was too broad. My question was: To What Extent Was Communist Influence During the Loray Mill Strike to Blame for Poor Unionization in North Carolina? Is that too long? Or would it be better to say "To What Extent Are Communists to blame for the Poor Unionization of NC? Thanks for any help
  23. Hi, I want to do my extended essay in history, as I'm taking HL. The topic I'm leaning towards is on Napoleon Bonaparte and how/whether he influenced the increase of nationalism in France and throughout Europe. Is this a good, broad enough topic for the ee? What are your thoughts on this topic? thanks guys
  24. I'm starting with the IB next year and my subject choices at the moment are: HL English HL German HL History SL Visual Arts SL Maths SL Bio I've heard that having English and History as higher level subjects can be pretty taxing and I don't know if I should keep it or change to geography. I find history interesting, but the amount of content to memorize looks pretty daunting. Should I change from history to geography?
  25. Sorry for being so petty guys, but this choice thingy is really stressing me out lol rip. I'll try to stop annoying everyone here so frequently, and honestly thank you for all those amazing responses.As I said before, I'd be taking chem bio HL, and I need another HL subject that will be relatively less demanding and easier, but at the same time well respected by universities. In terms of my passion towards these subjects, it would be 1. History 2. Geography 3. English, but from what I hear the difficulty of them is quite varied. So which of the above would strike a balance between workload and being respected ( slightly more emphasis on being less demanding and difficulty of getting 7), and which one would you recommend overall? I cannot stress how much everyone has helped me, and I sincerely apologize if I've wasted your time