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Found 724 results

  1. I recently got accepted into 2 IB schools in my region, one in the regular school board and one in the catholic school board. This year, our board announced that there would be 4 new schools to the 1 (I am in the York Region District School Board) already in place. Is it ok to go to a school which is starting it's IB program next year and is still training teachers? I can't say it is a too stellar school outside of the IB program. I would love to go to the school in the Catholic School board, but it is too far for my parents to drive and is a 1 hr and 15 min bus ride.
  2. May15

    Guys! How was Hindi Paper 1? I'm SL and i found it to be superr easy.. Just hoping paper 2 is equally goood.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if I could get some input (or mere approval from current/former IB students) about my chemistry IA research question. Is this a common lab idea? I haven't really seen it anywhere so I'm not sure but I would like to make mine unique. Is it a realistic experiment to conduct within 10 hours? "How does cooking time affect the vitamin C content in various vegetables?"
  4. Topic: How can you rank up in League of Legends by taking into consideration the factors that affect placement? Here is the proposal so far: This topic was suggested to me by my teacher when I had to give a list of my interests. She recommended doing it on League of Legends due to the various mathematical factors present within it. She explained that my goal was going to be moving up a full rank by understanding what comes into play to win games. My question to you is, which mathematical concepts that are covered in SL Math can I use in my IA? Also, if you think my Research Question could be better worded or altered please feel free to leave feedback. I have seen others do IAs related to League of Legends (ex. Wards and Supporting IA) and get decent to high marks so I know it's possible, I just need to know how to get started. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I am conducting a survey to collect data for my Math SL IA, and I would like it if you took some time to take it! The link is below: Thank you!
  6. Hey guys! I'm currently working on my math IA which is on the Enigma Machine and I'm really stressed out about it and I feel likeI'm going to fail. Do you know what happens if you fail an IA? Do you not get the diploma or does it just lower you grade as it's 20% of your mark?
  7. Hey, So my HL subjects are physics, econ, and theatre. I got a 3,4,4 respectively. I did a theatre retake and also got a 4. Again, failed to get a combined 12. i have one more chance to do retakes, and i was wondering wether or not i could change one of my SLs (french) to HL, and do a retake in that. It seems illogical to me, but i was wondering if i could anyway since that would save me. thanks!
  8. Hello, My class is started to talk about TOK presentations and I have a hard time coming up with a good knowledge question. My focus is on consciousness and ethics. I saw a GREAT tv series, "Westworld" and got an inspiration from it. I was wondering: what makes us humans humans and if AI (artificial intelligence) gain consciousness does that mean that they are human and need to be treated as one (which kind of connects to ethics). Any good knowledge questions for this??
  9. I know that Ib requires four years of language. My question is about whether it has to be the same language for those four years. For example, could I take three years of Spanish and then one year of Chinese?
  10. So I have been struggling very much with my Business Internal Assessment, it's been absolute hell. I didn't hand in the first draft so I never got it marked and I've missed the internal deadline for the final and I haven't even completed it. I never thought it would be so hard, after all I also did an extended essay on business too. I've been pulling all nighters for almost a week now and I just can't get it right so I'm thinking of just handing it terrible like that. How much would a bad IA affect my results? I'm a predicted 6 but with how my IA is going... Im afraid I wont be able to get my IB Diploma. If I were to score a 3 on my IA for example and a 7 on the exams, what result would my final be? a rough idea? I am in need of a bit of consolation. This task have given me so much anxiety, I've lost my appetite and the will to do anything.
  11. Hey guys, i was wondering which of my 7 IB subjects would count towards my final score (out of 45). Do i have the choice of choosing the one with a better grade?
  12. Hello, I currently have 5 months left until my final IB exams.. and was wondering what is the best way to revise for Spanish paper 1 and 2 in order to get a 7.. Thanks
  13. Hi It's my second semester in the DP and I have already started wondering what subject to choose for my EE. (I want to make preparations as early as possible to avoid procrastination). The problem is like this: I have lots of different academic interests and I don't want to focus on single interests. I initially thought about doing a history EE about French revolution (focus on Marie Antoinette) or fashion in the victorian times because I like European classical culture (like history, classical music and art) a lot. I watch BBC history documentaries, costume dramas, and I subscribe to accounts introducing classical culture. I had a talk with my teacher and he is very supportive of my topic choice. However, my history writing skills isn't so good and I don't want to get a bad grade on my EE which could potentially lower my IB score. I am also not sure whether I should avoid writing about my higher level subjects for the EE to keep me balanced. I have chem, design and math as my highers, and I am going for dual degree in chem and graphic design in university. The reason I don't want to write chemistry is that I spend lots of time doing EC's about chemistry. I write a blog, work with chemists internationally on science writing projects, and now, collaborate with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (probably once a week) and Tsinghua Univ. to run STEAM (STEM+art), science illustration and chem outreach programs. I also subscribe to various chem magazines and shows. (Similar reason with design tech.) I have always loved being multidisciplinary and learning about different topics. I don't want to restrict myself. Another reason is that I want to write a really good paper if I choose to do chem EE (which is probably, to use the labs in BUCT and get formal instructions). However, my teacher told me that he needs to supervise me when I am doing my EE, and he once had a student who worked on the EE in a good lab and got a B. I don't want to do it at school--the school has much less facilities and good chemicals. It will make my EE a 'crappy' school lab paper. So guys, what can I do?
  14. Hey, I was just wondering that if I revise my friends notes which she used for her 2016 ess exams, will there be a problem for my 2017 exams? as in, is there a significant difference between the two or do they both cover the same topics and same things needed to get either level 6 or 7.. Thank you
  15. My school keeps telling us that we need to complete at least 150 hours of CAS (at least 50 hours for each area) in order to fulfill the CAS requirement or else we won't receive the IB diploma. However, I have recently discovered that the IBO removed that requirement back in 2009-2010. Can anybody verify this for me?
  16. Hi! I'm a Chemistry student currently undergoing corrections for my IA draft. I just really really REALLY need help on what the points to IB grades are. For example, how many points do I need to score from the overall rubric in order to barely reach a 7? How about 6? and so on and so forth. Thanks!
  17. Does anyone have the 2017 IB Biology specimen paper?
  18. Hey guys, So i'm gonna have exam in May 2017, and had been going through DP 1 with Math HL, Chem HL, Bio HL, Physics HL, Dutch HL, and English SL. But apparently five HL is not allowed in the IB so i am forced to drop one of my higher levels. In the DP 1 I had 39 points with these subjects so wasn't really planning on dropping any, but now that I have to, which one do you guys think is best to drop? Btw, im planning on studying math and computer science at imperial after IB so dropping math isnt an option. Thanks
  19. Hello everyone, So, I'm enrolled in the IB since this year. However, even though I was pretty sure about my subjects in the beginning I'm a little bit struggling now and I need help. I wasn't sure what I want to study but during winter break I've decided that I like biochemistry. That means I need to switch Chemistry SL to HL (uni requirements).For now, I have the following subjects: ENGLISH LANG AND LIT HL FRENCH B SL GLOBAL POLITICS HL (going to switch to SL) BIOLOGY HL CHEMISTRY SL MATH SL All of my subjects are fine for now, but I have some problems with Global Politics. I'm not so good at it. I don't know if I should switch to Econ SL or just try harder and do my best in Global Politics. Can someone tell me how hard is it to get a 7 in Global Politics or Econ on the exams? Keep in mind that I've already finished first term so I have to work on everything I've missed during that time.
  20. Hi guys, I sent of my ESS exam for a remark as I am on the boundary for the next grade, and I was wondering if anyone has had success with remarks in the past? Thank you
  21. Guys guys, When's the payment for retakes for may 2017 due ? I'm gonna get a stroke if I missed it Thanks in advance
  22. Hello all, I would really appreciate any help with this issue. For my CHEM ia I'm really interested in diabetes/ sugar levels and what factors could decrease its presence. I don't know exactly what to do for it, can someone advice me with things that could be related back to ib chemistry?
  23. Hello~ I am in 9th grade currently, and I am planning on applying at MIT and Harvard when I graduate. I heard that both of these schools look at your reports from grade 9 onwards. However, I am on the borderline of a 6 and 7 (6.9) for my semester 1 english a report. Will this be a 6 or a 7 for my final report? Should I also ask the teacher if there are any extra tasks I can do to raise my grade? Thanks
  24. Hello I am currently doing my last year of IB, and next week my mock exams are coming up. This will determine whether or not I will be allowed to go to the actual exams. Now, this is a bad month for several reasons. The main one being, that my father passed away last month. Naturally this has not been very good for my studying. I am still determined to continue, however I'm feeling extremely stressed on top of the grief after my father. On top of that I live in my own with my younger sibling, so I still have a lot of stuff to do daily besides studying. However if you graduated this November, you may be able to help me. I am in Bio HL. And it is my hardest subject to revise on, since there is a lot of stuff I did not quite catch during the course. My teacher told me that the exam we will be tested on is the November 2016 exam. Are there anything the exam focusses particularly on so that I do not have to revise my entire book over the weekend? Please help me, I'm just trying to get through this part. If you can give me some hints for paper 3 as well I would be oh so very grateful. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi! I take math studies, indicating that I absolutely don't want to study anything that has to do with math after graduating from the IB. However, I'm considering to apply to the US so I want to do the "standard" SAT tests (math & English). Some people say that the math is way too hard for math studies students to manage, while others say that the math is simple enough for basically anyone to get a good grade in. Does anyone have any experience with SATs? Can you get a good score even if you're in math studies? Help pleaseee!