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Medicine might be better in UK than Canada?

I recently heard that in the UK there are 2 advantages if you are applying to medicine: 1)if you get accepted right after you graduate high school, you will be able to completely finish in that university until you graduate (In Canada, every few years you have to reply ex. BS->Med School_>Specialty) Also, 2)In UK, it is one shorter year than if you do it in Canada. I was really excited to apply to Canada, but now I'm having second thoughts. What do you guys think?

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1) Yes this is true, you can do all of your degree (5/6 years) in the same place, unless you opt to go elsewhere -- although you specialise after your degree, not during (that's how the system works)!

2) I have no idea how long it takes in Canada but degrees in the UK are 5 or 6 years, depending on where you go or if you already have a degree.

The downsides to applying to the UK vs Canada are:

- IB Grades aren't favouritised in the UK like they are in Canada (so they expect very high IB Grades)

- competition for places is extremely hot (and you don't have a Pre-Med type thing so it's very competitive right from the start!)

- this is relevant to the USA only (to my knowledge, possibly also Canada) but you are required to convert for a year and sit some sort of American exam before you can work there

- no IB scholarships at Unis

- possible rise in UK tuition fees which aren't as epic as elsewhere but considerable as an international non-EU student.

The extra years shouldn't make the difference, in my opinion.

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