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IB Books

So while I was sitting, revising chemistry and continuously checking the syllabus with the book that I am using, I decided to google for IB books. You see, one and a half year ago, I did the same thing in order to find good IB books for certain subjects and found none, other than revision books and guides.

However, now it seems as if book publishers have decided to go on a splurge and become very productive indeed because all of the sudden there are books everywhere.

IBID Press has books for Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English B, A1 English, Environmental Systems (portfolio...), Geography, History, Math, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and ToK.

Aganosis Books has books for ToK, Language A1 Drama, Visual Arts + study skills. has newly released books for Biology students. They have SL, HL, exams books, portfolio and etc. (I actually saw this website 1 year ago and there was no mention of a book at all)

Cambridge University Press with math and tok.

Haese & Harris - well we all knew about their math books. Practically the ONLY IB book we use. The rest are A-Levels stuff.

Heinemann - are ABOUT to release textbooks for IB Biology, Chemistry, History, Math, Physics and ToK. The samples actually look good. Very easy and well organized.

hoddereducation - just released a biology book. Has ToK as well.

Mathematics Publishing - New books for IB maths, obviously. The samples look very boring though with the design, I have to say...

Nelsons Thornes - are going to release books for Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Oxford Study Courses - those are not so new but they are updated which is good (the guides that comes with the courses)

Oxford University Press - released course companions for A1 English, Tok, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Math Studies. I liked their study guides...

and etc.

Resources! :D However, many of the science/math books might now have adapted to the new syllabi (if not, then ouch since that might hurt and cost) but students after 2007 are quiet lucky for having so many different IB books resources now.

Of course, there's quantity and quality to think about.

So many books, so little money....

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Whoa, those are sure to make a big pile, if one could only afford them all...

Recommendations about which to buy would be nice. Especially about where to find good philosophy guides(hint, hint)


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