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Bio Paper 2 dot points

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Ok, i was talking to a kid who is in their exams at the moment and he recommended that i use dot point format when answering paper two questions,
I can understand this in section a, but would i lose bonus marks in section b?


Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair
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Since when? I'm pretty sure it says in the mark scheme/I read somewhere that answers shouldn't be in dot point format. Sometimes you can do a table if the command term is like 'compare' or something, or 'list' you can do dot point. But if it's like 'explain' or 'discuss' than I'm pretty sure full, concise sentences are what's required. In part a), I just do full sentences. Try not to be too verbose though, of course.

But in summary, I really don't recommend using dot points. I suppose you'd only possibly maybe perhaps lose the 2 marks for structure in your part b response. Best to just keep to full sentences. Part B is meant to be an essay...you don't often see essays in dot point format, do you?

I'm currently doing my exams so I dunno if the rules are different now?

=D I LOVE BIO! =D (seriously great subject!)

Drake Glau

Drake Glau

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Yes, paper2 dot points would be iffy and probably not worth it. The answers are generally meant to be in a logical order so just listing off points would mean you've memorized a few things but not prove you know what any of it really is/does...that make sense?