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Topic decision

Hi :)

Sorry to start another thread about topic help! But I need it.

I'm writing about the film "Battleship Potemkin", and another written account of the 1905 revolution. My topic isn't clearly defined, because I need to decide between two paths for which I can take the assignment. I can:

a) Write about how accurately the film describes the social situation leading to the revolutions of 1905 (possibly also 1917). Compared to the written account.


b) Write about how the film represents the propagande use of the Soviet state in the 1920s (film is from 1925). Comparing it to a written account of propaganda use.

Which is the better topic to go for?

Thanks for all help :P

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For a, you're using the written account as the "right answer"? If that's well-justified with biases taken into account, list details from the film to see how much material you have that you can analyze.

For b, are both sources treated as primary sources? Is the written account both primary and secondary? If both are primary, do you have another part of your argument or claim? If the written is a secondary source, will your paper discuss if the film validates the information in the written account?

I personally like the first one, but you should look at which topic you have more information to work with and which topic you're more excited to research and write about, as cliched as that is.

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