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To All MAY 2015 candidates:
Exam discussions are only allowed 24 HOURS AFTER the exam.
This is not a forum rule, it's an IBO exam regulation; so it's our obligation to report any misconduct to the IBO, which may result in serious consequences for the offenders, losing their diploma included. Here's the
Exam DISCUSSION Schedule, please follow it.
Good luck!


number of AOK in a TOK Essay?

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Hi everyone,

My teacher told my class that we need to have two knowledge issues in our TOK essay. After turning in my first draft, he told me that my second knowledge issue seemed irrelevant and out of place. The final draft is due today and I was wondering whether anybody knows whether we actually need two knowledge issues in our essay or if that was just a suggestion by my teacher.


Desy Glau

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Yes for the TOK essay I think they usually want 2 Areas of Knowledge unless the title particularly asks for more. If your teacher says two I think you should have two AOK's.

Actually my teacher told us this:

Choose one topic from the IB prescribed titles and write an essay based on an area of interest (if possible with two Areas of knowledge), real-life issue, knowledge issue and ways of knowing. ...

Drake Glau

Drake Glau

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When he/she said irrelevant if might have been a problem with your connection between the two. For my essay I leaned towards connecting my AOKs through the ways of knowing and sort of analyzing how one way works for one area but not the other (of course this fit my title since it was about what constitutes "true" and "false"). You can strongly connect any of the areas in my opinion but it is rather obvious if you just picked one and try to pull something out of nothing and connect them, not accusing :P just sayin'.