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IB 2012

World literature introduction

How do I write a good world literature introduction? My topic is the role of the characters that are not present in the books "Bernarda Albas Haus" and "Fräulein Julie".

Help please!

Thank you

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There are multiple ways to write effective introductions. I've been taught to include a few essentials in mine.


--Mention writers and their works


The hook is where you grab the reader's interest. Your topic sounds cool. Try to relate it to readers and their lives in the first few sentences, possibly with a quotation. Or you could start your introduction with why your topic is important (without saying "My topic is important because" or something like that). Maybe something like "If authors use words to evoke our senses so that we see things in our minds, what do they do to make us see the absence of something?" That could be worded better, but I think it expresses why I'm fascinated with your topic. You can make your hook show what you see in your topic.

Somewhere in the introduction, you'll want to mention the authors' names and titles of the books. Just something that you should do.

Also, the last sentence or so of the introduction is where I put my thesis, which is often called "the road map to your essay." It claims something that you argue in your paper, and by reading the thesis, the reader should have a good idea of what your argument is and how you've structured it.

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