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Need help with transcripts


I am an IB graduate, hope i'm not too old for this forum:)

Anyways, I was hoping you could help meout. currently I am applying for a transfer to a uni in the States, and I need my transcript be send in that uni. I asked everyone i know, but nobody could give me an answer.

I have filled out the transcript requests, but I am having trouble with the payment. I am transferring from Macedonia into the US, and the transcript is payable by either check or money order. Then, I am not sure how to obtain /and what is a 'money order'?

Also, some uni receive transcripts electronically. Then, what should i do? how should i tell IB North America to send my transcript to the precise uni?

and should i get an international money order?If you could help me i would greatly appreciate it:)

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well i live in the states. a money order is obtained from a bank. it is like a check and i think you have to pay a fee to get them sometimes. idk about international ones though...sry.

most unis should accept your transcript electroically in the states. the uni i am attending next year gave me the adress to IBO here in the states... it is new yorkthe IBO place... let me look up the adress, and i will post it back in here for you. you just need to send them a request to send your transcript to your university. idk if IBO charges to send the transcript though.

the schol will proly get a paper copy then.

you are not too old for this site... it is run by graduates of IB.


After you have been admitted, be sure to have a final, official transcript from

your school and IB mailed to Missouri State after you graduate showing

your date of graduation and completion of the 16-unit high school core

curriculum. IB may be contacted at International Baccalaureate, 200 Madison

Avenue, Suite 2007, New York, NY, 10010, telephone, 212-696-4464.

this is what my school says.

hope it helps.

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