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To All MAY 2015 candidates:
Exam discussions are only allowed 24 HOURS AFTER the exam.
This is not a forum rule, it's an IBO exam regulation; so it's our obligation to report any misconduct to the IBO, which may result in serious consequences for the offenders, losing their diploma included. Here's the
Exam DISCUSSION Schedule, please follow it.
Good luck!


EE on Biology, how should I choose the topic?

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Hey all. I'm going to be a rising Junior in less than 48 hours, and extended essay has been worrying me for last couple of days. Being a computer geek that I am, I figured out that computer classes that my school provides isn't really enough for me to learn any new things, so I took Architecture instead (There weren't really interesting classes to choose other than Architecture, trust me.) Since my dream is to be a dentist (or a computer engineer), I figured writing EE on Biology will help me out a lot. As I stated earlier, I'm a computer geek not a Bio/Science nerd (I'm not offending anyone, right?) but I did get A on my Sophomore Biology class, so it's not like I hate Biology. I'll try to be a Bio nerd if I have to in order to get a good score on the EE.
So, now that you know a little about me, here are my questions:

1) What kind of topics would you recommend for EE on Biology?
2) Does it have to involve me conducting an experiment? Is it like writing a huge lab report? (That would kill me, because I have to write lab report + IA + EE, or am I mistaken?)
3) How much should I know about Biology in order to write a good EE?

Thanks in advance.

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The best biology EEs have experiments. An experiment is not required, but without doing one, you seriously risk getting a poor grade on your EE. So you're much better off doing something that's able to be tested through an experiment. So yes, it's basically a huge lab report. That being said, you will want to look for a topic that's related to biology and able to be tested. While topics relating to medical problems (cancer, AIDS), DNA, genetics, stem-cell research are biology, these topics are unsuitable for EEs because it is very hard to come up with an experiment you can do at your level. There are also restricted topics that you cannot write on, such as topics with bacteria at/near room temperature (because they could mutate and create a superbug and kill mankind :P). It's also generally advised NOT to do a topic with animals, simply because the IBO has explicitly stated that EEs where animals are harmed/stressed/killed are unable to be submitted, and it's often harder than not to come up with an experiment where there is no stress and no danger to them. Aside from that, anything biology related is fine. A good place to start is by looking at what interests you already and going from there. Once you have a topic we'll be happy to give you all the feedback you want. :)


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I'm working on my EE now in bio and finding it really hard since my main idea ended up in trying to solve cancer so panicking right now to make it a whole lot simpler and my first draft is due this Wednesday and I haven't done my lab so won't we getting much feedback on it but yh...

So don't do what I've been doing and procrastinating the EE until the last minute. Get it done asap! And make sure u do the experiment asap!

I now have to do my experiment and add that later and so I won't be getting any feedback on it from my supervisor but I'll have some smart friends go through it before I have it in...



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but I did get A on my Sophomore Biology class

That means nothing. IB Biology and whatever you did before rarely correlate to a great extent.

Do your EE in whatever subject interests you. Secondly, by 'rising junior' do you mean that you're just going to start the IB? Or does it mean you're getting ready to enter your Senior and final year? If its the earlier (which I think is what you mean), then stop worrying about your EE! You have loads of time for that in the future. Nobody has any idea what they're going to do in their EEs even before they officially get settled into the IB. I changed my EE topic into what it was in the end in the summer before Senior year, I did nothing for it all through junior year.

Wait until you have an actual advisor. Ask your IB Coordinator for copies of some of the 50 Best Biology EEs (all of them have access to them), and most of all, stop worrying about your EE before you even start with school. You will burn out at this rate!

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