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To All NOV 2015 candidates: Exam discussion are only allowed 24 HOURS AFTER the exam. This is not a forum rule, it's an IBO exam regulation and so it's our obligation to report any violation to the IBO, which may result in serious consequences for the offenders, losing their diploma included.


History IA Marking Scheme

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  • Exams: May 2012
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My teachers new and she thinks that your mark out of 25 on the IA is literal, meaning that 20/25 would mean you recieved an 80% on the IA and would have a high 4. I got 20/25 on the IA which should get me into schools I applied to by rising my mark but because she thinks its 80% it hurt my mark. Does anyone have the marking scheme from 2011 or 2012 which will show that a 20/25 is not a low 5 but a 6 or whatever it is?

El Che

El Che
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I don't know to what extent the link I'm putting here holds true for 2012 examination session, but according to it both of us (I also have 20/25) are getting a 7 on the IA.

http://chc.wrdsb.ca/...rt May 2010.pdf

Tony Stark

Tony Stark
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I can confirm this held through in May and November 2011, but watch out for moderation.

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