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History IA Marking Scheme

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  • Exams: May 2012
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My teachers new and she thinks that your mark out of 25 on the IA is literal, meaning that 20/25 would mean you recieved an 80% on the IA and would have a high 4. I got 20/25 on the IA which should get me into schools I applied to by rising my mark but because she thinks its 80% it hurt my mark. Does anyone have the marking scheme from 2011 or 2012 which will show that a 20/25 is not a low 5 but a 6 or whatever it is?

El Che

El Che
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I don't know to what extent the link I'm putting here holds true for 2012 examination session, but according to it both of us (I also have 20/25) are getting a 7 on the IA.

http://chc.wrdsb.ca/...rt May 2010.pdf

Tony Stark

Tony Stark
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I can confirm this held through in May and November 2011, but watch out for moderation.

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