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Physics EE, help?

Hello! Finally when I've decided what my EE will be about, I encountered a problem.

I'm doing an EE in Physics, specifically on the biomechanics of karate. The main point for my essay, and the thing with which I'll be dealing with the biomechanics is tameshiwari. Tameshiwari the punch where you hit an object/a material with your hand and hope it'll crack.

I've made myself a model of that, and have found a person who I'll be filming when performing a tameshiwari, and everything is working just fine... The only problem here is that I'm not sure how to shape my research question... Any help?

Here are some I've thought about:

"To what extend is the force of the punch dependent on the speed of the hand?"

"How does the force of the punch depend upon the striking surface on the hand?"

"How does the speed of the breaking of the siporex depend upon the striking force?"

"What factors affect the striking force?"

"What mechanism could be used to describe the behaviour of the hand when performing a tameshiwari?"

"What differs a successful from an unsuccessful tameshiwari?"

I don't need you to pick a research question for me, I just need an advice on how to shape one and maybe help me model the ones I have :D


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Well, your research question should be based on what you are researching, so exactly what factor of this punch are you going to be investigating. Your first question sounded easy, focused and seems to have potential, but it all depends on how you're planning to test it.

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