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English Language Requirements

Hello all!

I am sorry if similar questions have already been addressed, but I think that each case with IB predictions and University courses is pretty unique...

Past Monday I sent off my application to Oxford and other unis. However, I am still very concerned over my predicted scores. Could anybody having experience with Oxford Maths or Oxford and the IB tell me if I have a chance for Maths&Phil with the following grades?

(I never did GCSEs as I am an international)

HL Maths - 7

HL Physics - 7

HL Economics - 7

HL Greek Lang&Lit - 7

SL Env Systems and Societies - 6

SL English Lit - 4

Overall: 38 + 3 = 41 (Their standard offer is 39 with HL Maths 7)

Apparently, my concern is over my English prediction. I've had some hard time with the teacher and despite having performed better at my mocks that's what I was predicted. Of course, my English is pretty good (English Lit is supposed to be taken by native speakers after all), and I will also be taking IELTS.

I've also been told that my PS is fairly strong (and my command of the language is shown there) and so must be my reference.

Assuming that I do well on the MAT do you think I have chances of getting in or will the English prediction be a serious disadvantage, since I am applying for philosophy which can be seen as a sort of related subject?

Ideally, I want them to invite me for an interview so I can exhibit my mathematical and analytical (for philosophy) skills...

Except for Oxford, I am also applying to Warwick, St Andrews, King's, and Bristol for the same degree. For them, considering that they have neither a test nor an interview before the offer, do you think that English will be a major drawback?


Edit: I did not post this under "Oxbridge" since I also want your opinions about the other universities as well...

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I don't understand how much use these replies will be to you seeing as you've already sent off your application. You can't do anything about it now since it's all down to whether they want you at their university or not. Everything here will be speculation most likely. If I said, you'll be fine, does that stop you from worrying? If I said, it'll hurt your application, would you withdraw your application? I doubt anything of significance will change.

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