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Narrowing Down My IA Topic

I have decided on a question for my IA however my teacher has told me that it/they are too broad, what would you recommend using IB's guidelines?

My original question is:

What was America's True Role in the Holocaust? Was America at Fault? What does learning about the Holocaust do for Students Today?

Would it make sense to rephrase it as:

To what extent did America deal with the Holocaust?

How long did America and the other countries fighting in WWII have knowledge about the Holocaust before intervening?

Were the surrounding nations, involved in WWII, at fault for the Holocaust going on as long as it did due to complacency?

My IA is completely written (I wrote it originally as a practice), I would like to adjust my question without having to redo too much of the IA.

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide me with.


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Ha, I love irony. Here I am struggling to find a good RQ for my own HI, and I am advising other people on what a good IA might look like (as well as using many stupid acronyms)! :) Anyway, I think that the topic may be too broad. Without knowing much about America's reaction to the Holocaust, maybe looking at a specific figure/time/event and whether the Americans did/did not show complacency to the issue of the Holocaust would be good. So maybe a question that looks like:

To what extent did Figure/Group X's reaction to Event Y contribute to complacency that prolonged the Holocaust?

If it's completely written, then you're probably off to a very good start. Though some material may have to be cut/developed to fit the more detailed focus of a specific question.

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