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Maths HL exploration

Exploration maths Portfolio coursework
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Hey guys, first post on IB survival. Been thinking about what I want to do my exploration into for my coursework. A topic that has come up a few times is computer science and the logic behind that. I was going to try to make a computer write an essay or create something, subsequently fail and explain using maths why a computer can't speculate or "fill in the blanks" to lack of knowing a better word. However I'm worried that this subject may be too vague and I'm worried that I'm going to go real deep into this to realise that I am writing an essay which is irrelevant to maths. Opinions on this would be appreciated, thanks.

Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar
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good stuff mate.




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It sounds feasible, but you have to make sure to keep it off the realms of computer science and definately indisputably maths. Otherwise this might make it more of a computer science exploration.

You could possibly do something with algorithms.

Or something to do with combinatorics and the whole Shakespeare infinite monkey theorem.


That's a few ideas that came to mind.

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