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Help me, i want to study in Germany

I am from Indonesia and I just had my exams in may 2012. I got 34 and I am planning to go to Germany for my further studies. However I don't want to take the English language university as it is very expensive.

I am really confused on how to apply to universities in Germany. I pass all the requirements from the IBO itself to study in Germany,

I took

English B HL

Indonesian A HL

Math SL

Business and Management SL

Physics HL

Chemistry SL

In which all of them pass the requirements.

However currently I am studying B2 in Goethe Institut and I already have B1 (ZD) from Goethe Institut. However as far as I know, the requirement for university in Germany is C1 or above.

My question is how should I apply? I want to apply ASAP. Should I apply in Studienkolleg for Sommersemester 2013 because I think I pass all the requirements to enter to Studienkolleg, or should i apply directly to universities for Wintersemester 2013 and continuing my language course. I just applied to 1 Studienkolleg and I want to apply for more but if the best solution is to apply to university directly than i will do it.

However in Indonesia it will took some time because the super intensive class (everyday) is rare for classes above B2 (Mittelstufe) as there are not many people who are really interested in it. The other option I have is to take language course directly in Germany. Does anyone know how long it will take approximately from B1-C1 or B2-C1 when i take the language course in Germany?

I am sorry for the very long posts because I am confuse and kind of desperate. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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If you need help on knowing how to apply or where to apply with your current achievements, I suggest you email them. They will let you know whether you can apply or not and you'll have better and more accurate responses.

Edit: By them, I mean the universities.

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Universities usually has very friendly and helpful people hired to aid students with admissions. I recommend you contacting the university you want to study in and ask them. Also, learn german.

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Hey there! :)

Only 4 out of 16 state universities are with paid tuition, the others all have free tuition. I've studied in Germany for my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. They are definitely one of the countries with the highest quality education.

More than 200.000 international students go there every year to study, because they offer a lot of scholarships which is really great. This is the database of all German universities and the scholarships offers.

If you want to apply there try and get more information at the German Embassy. They will tell you what is required more specifically.

I was asked for:

- Personal documents(the passport, birth certificate...etc).

- The scholarship proof, also they may ask for the phone number of the university you applied to.

- Proof of the travel ticket for Germany, you can try online travel agencies they are more cheaper

- Health Insurance for 6 months, which can easily be payed online. I used is , you apply online for the student insurance and get the confirmation letter because that is needed at the embassy. Their coverage is pretty well too for the price.

This is pretty much all I can think of right now. If you need more help please tell.

All the best

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