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Dysfunctional psychology option question!


Tests begin in somewhat over a day, and I've faced a problem again. I was studying the Dysfunctional psychology option and stumbled over a previous IB final question on the treatment of dysfunctional behaviours:

May 07 Q7 Compare and contrast two approaches to the treatment of one specific type of dysfunctional behaviour (20).

So: In such a case, should we use two approaches wholly, such as drugs and ECT methods for schizophrenia under the biological perspective and some other method, such as the token economics therapy of the learning perspective, etc., with studies about the biological approach with following criticisms about the approach in general, or specific examples of treatment methods supported by studies based on treating exactly that disorder? I've been really confused about it, since for Paper 1 perspectives we are supposed to evaluate (if using therapies as an application) the therapies in general, but are we supposed to do exactly the same for the dysfunctional option, or more "specific treatments"? Furthermore, I'm interested in which mental disorders have you studied?

Please reply soon, its urgent!! :0

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