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French SL - Oral Exam Tips?

So my oral exam is in two days but I was wondering if you guys had any useful tips for the Oral Exam? (where you get a picture, 15 minutes to prep and 3-4 minutes present to your teacher-with a tape recorder)

btw this year IB has changed up some stuff for the SL French curriculum... -_-

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If your teacher has told you what the topic could be eg Immigration etc. Just make the most general response about immigration that would cover all the possible points and key words eg pros/ cons effects etc. When you get the picture somehow tie it in to the general response you had previously written.

Say for example you are given a picture of workers doing low skilled work. You're given time to prepare and a presentation for about four minutes in which you could think of ways to link your picture to your previously written response. First of all you would start off by explaining what you see in the picture, (add lib) then you go on to link it to the bigger picture - Immigration. Then you bring in the general response you've prepared.

After that you may be asked a random selection of general topic question on things like media, environment, globalisation, racism.. so it may be a good idea to briefly mention some indication of the subject you like in your picture response... eg *Talking about immigration you may mention problems caused by this such as issues with integration which leads to racism.*

Your teacher may or may not ask you to expand on some extra points you mention in your response conversation. Just a thought.

Most importantly although you may pre-learn some lines and phrases/ a possible response. It is important to make it sound spontaneous and believable. Like you just made it up on the spot . Authenticity.

In the instance where you do not know what the topic is. Just learn general phrases that can be applicable to any situation.

NB: Dont forget to show off your tenses and grammar. Subjunctive can be fancy at times. Failing that, it may be better to stick to tenses you know as opposed to getting a tense horribly wrong and keep repeating the mistakes.

Good luck :)

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