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Question regarding the TOK and extended essay points added to the diploma?

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So even after a year and half of doing the IB I'm still confused about this...lol. So my EE supervisor predicted me an A (6 on the IB scale I believe) for my essay and I honestly think I did REALLY well on it...so I'm counting on that A. However, my TOK essay well...my teacher predicted me a C- (I think this is a 4?) which obviously is not nearly as good as my ee prediction but honestly I'm just not a good TOK writer. Anyway, based on the predicted results, how many points would get added to my diploma? And if I get a letter grade lower (say a B on my ee and a C on my tok essay)?

Thanks in advance for clearing up confusion!

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The EE and ToK grade doesn't convert to and 'IB grade' (1-7), an A is an A and a C is a C.

There is a matrix which tells you the points you'll get for your ToK and EE grade which looks something like this:

EE A 3 3 2 2
B 3 2 1 1
C 2 1 1 0
D 2 1 0 0

So based on your predicted results of an A for your EE and a C for Tok you would get 2 bonus points which is pretty good.
If you get a B on your EE and a C on ToK you would get 1 bonus point

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