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Bee H

Business Case Study 2013

"In light of the expansion of the ball bearing industry, describe the changes that are taking place in RDB’s product portfolio. 
Using an appropriate tool (such as the Boston Consulting Group matrix), 
indicate RDB’s product portfolio in the 21st century."

I was going through all the possible questions that may be asked for Paper 1 B&M examination and I got stuck in this q. :hmmm:

Pleaseeeeeee help!!

Thank in advance :)

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According to me, to describe the changes you have to consider the market

1) Which section of the product life cycle does it lie in and how is it changing? (like from maturation to saturation)

2) What kind of pricing strategies are being used for this particular product or the range of products

3) How much of the profits is it generating for the firm?

4) How much investment is needed for the product?

You can explain these factors using the Boston matrix and this is described in the Section 4 of Paul Hoang textbook.

This was more general but you can take the aspects related to the case study.

I hope this helps! :)

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