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Extended essay- Psychology.

Hello, my research question is - to what extent does serotnin affect suicidal behavior.

I have my research in a word document, which includes all the case studies and the experiments.

The trouble is, I am confused on how do I stat the topic. I mean, I had a discussion with my supervisor about this and we decided to narrow down the format to -

Intro- wherein I would describe how suicide has become a global problem and introduce the concept of serotnin related to this

Body- Where all my research would come in, all the case studies and experiments providing the co relation between serotnin and suicidal behavior

Conclusion- Answering my research question

Now, when I start writing the introduction I have to issues

1) Do I have to write the research question above the Introduction as far as the format is concerned

2) I am confused on the intro part, should I show statistics in the first paragraph? and then introduce and write some things about serotnin?

Suggestions welcomed

Thank you

two* issues

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Look, I do not have any idea about the EE format, but I have done a debate before. In general as well, when you're stating something, it is advisable to state statistics to support your statements. :)

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