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Hi guys,

So I've decided to do my EE in Geography. I have two main topics in mind:

1. Something to do with Tourism (no specific ideas though)

2. How and to what extent does environmental quality and standard of living differ between two residential areas? - this is a bit more specific.

Any ideas/help/how to approach this or any comments much appreciated!

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Hi q8adz,

Firstly, great choice in picking to do an EE in Geography! I'm doing the same and enjoying it. :)

My first bit of advice is to make your question as focused as you can. Its so easy to get caught up in developing this 'big idea' but I soon realised as I began to put my research together that I had to refine my question as we have only got 4000. It sounds like many words but it goes quickly (as I'm sure you've probably heard) :)

In terms of your topics, if you're considering Tourism, got through the Tourism Option (if you haven't done it in class) and perhaps get some inspiration from there. As for your second idea, I'd say be more specific - perhaps only choose one of your two ideas - 'environmental quality' or 'standard of living' and then really make sure you define what you mean as they are broad terms; this may help you focus even further. You know the residental areas that you may focus on, so you'll be able to judge what is more applicable.

Also, try and make sure do something that you find interesting as it does require a fair bit of work (as any EE) and it just makes the process more enjoyable.

This advice is based on my experience in writing my EE (which I'm currently in the process of doing).

Good luck! :)

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