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Business and Management IA sample Grade

Does anyone have a graded BM SL IA sample to show? for example anyone know if “Can Ford’s ‘Way Forward’ strategy work to rescue the company?" got a 7? Or does anyone have a sample of a 7 BM IA?

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The IA "Can Ford's Way.." got a 17/25.

You can find it +here, and you can also find another SL sample there too, but that second one only got 10/25.

So from that link above, you can find 2 graded samples with moderator comments.

Even though they're not really exemplars it could help you see what not to do and how a marker might mark your IA.

I'm a HL student, but I don't think a 17/25 is quite a Grade 7, it's probably a grade 6.

Both the HL business IAs on the above link are Grade 7s but I understand HL IAs to be a bit different to SL IAs.

If you're still looking for SL business IA exemplars, maybe try googling if you haven't already?

Hope this helps. :)

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