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Question on Structure and Organization of Written Task Type 2

After careful deliberation, I have decided to do my Written Task Type 2 on Power and Privilege. My question is:

How and Why are the Europeans/Caucasians represented in a particular way in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart?

I have encountered a problem while structuring it though and i know organisation is important since it is one of the criteria. I know that the Outline has to be written after I finish the whole Written Task.

Is the Outline like an introduction or should I separate the two? Is there a specific suitable way to organize the Written Task? :question:

Any Suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks in advance


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The outline is a necessary formality. It is NOT the introduction to your response, but functions a bit like an abstract of an article for an academic journal. Do exactly what is required. It may be worth two points only, but those two points really count.

This outline is completed on a form during class time and must include:

the prescribed question that has been chosen

the title of the text(s) for analysis

the part of the course to which the task refers

three or four key points that explain the particular focus of the task.

The most useful aspect of the outline for you is that it forces you to stand back from your essay and ask "Have I accomplished in this essay all that is required for the WT2?"

There are many ways to go abut organizing your response to the question. Choose what makes sense to you and leads to a coherent treatment of the topic. Identifying key ideas early on (get down to brass tacks, don't wander in your first paragraph) then supporting them with specific details from the text is usually a sure-fire approach, though not necessarily the most interesting...or the very best. It is a notably anglo-saxon style, not esp. esteemed by the French who tend to see this as a humdrum nuts-and-bolts (or mundane, workman-like, prosaic) approach. I expect your teachers and examiners will prefer the former style. ;) Do what works for you. Trust yourself.

Leave your essay unread a couple of days, then return to it. You'll see your text afresh. Any hiccups on re-reading will signal a departure from logic that needs correcting. Easy way to check coherence.

Hope this helps answer your question ..

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