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German Universities

Hello everyone,

I am a Turkish student in an international school in Germany and I want to study engineering in Germany. Here are the classes I take:

- Mathematics HL
- Geography HL
- English B HL

- Self Taught Turkish SL
- German B SL
- Physics SL

I hope that my diploma grade will be above 32.Does anybody know which universities I can get into with this grade and what other requirements I need to have?
Thanks for your help

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The lack of Physics Higher might be problematic. If you are in IB1 you should try to swap. Material from SL and HL is the with same the an exception of additional little bits for higher.

You should be able to get in SOMEWHERE, you should although look into specific universities that interest you, start by googling the best engineering in Germany, then look at requirements. Feel free to contact the universities by e-mail or phone them.

As I have mentioned requirements vary from a university to a university, it is therefore impossible to say whether your qualifications are enough and for what. Searching specific uni's website will provide you with entry requirements.

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