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Psychology Questions

Just a couple of quick question for help with psychology.

1) Where can you find sample 17+ psychology essays?
2) What are the most common mistakes you see as a marker from psych students?
3) What so you think is the most effective way of revising for your exams? Memory or the concepts?

Thanks in advance,


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Dear Jordan

I do not know where you can find sample 17+ (presumably you mean 17/22) essays, as I do not believe that the examples given onlinbe are good at all. I also believce the best way to do well in essays is to write a good plan, understand what you are talking about and then translate this into a good essay. Not to copy ones you get elsewhere and try and memorise them!

The most common mistakes are:

not meeting the demands of the command term, particularly describing rather than discussing;

not planning your answer before you start writing

not reading over your answer later so it makes sense

time management - spending too long on the SAQs on Paper 1 and having little time for the essay

not reading the question properly

It is not a case of memory OR the concepts - both are needed. The best way to revise is to look at the posisble questions, which will come from the learning outcomes, and then shut the books and PLAN an answer in writing and then go over your answer, with help from a teacher if possible. Most etacherswill be happier to look over essay plans than they will to look over essays.

Good luck!


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