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Basketball Math IA Topic


I would like to write my Math SL IA on the topic: "Does firing an NBA (National Basketball Association) head coach improve results?" I think it would we be fun to write about, and have already collected the data for coaches who were fired mid-season from 2000-2010 and whether the team's record improved, or got worse.

My teacher says that only piece of math I could put is a chi squared test? I think a correlation graph with a calculation of the line of regression would work as well? Can anyone tell me if I am right or wrong?

Also, does anyone have any other maths based calculations I could do with this IA idea?

Thanks in advance! :)

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I think you might need some more complex math than just a chi-square and a correlation, since that's what the kids in Studies SL do in my school.

I did half an IA on the mathematical modelling of diseases, found it a bit too complex (went beyond HL) and then changed to some rocket physics.

Rocket physics is actually straightforward; many sites outline exactly what you'd need to type in the IA and literally all you need to do is pick a parameter (fuel, nozzle size, engine size) and what it'll affect (thrust usually) and then jut model this with the pre-given euqations. To make your IA more "mathy," derive all the equations and use some fancy looking calc. AND have a graph.

That's literally all I did and my teacher says it should get a 7, or a high 6 at worst.


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