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Survey help

I would appreciate if you could answer this questions:

This is for a online store selling, for example cooking supplies or something else except for clothes.

1) What kind of layout/design (of the website) appeals to you ?

2) What would make you buy the stuff i.e spices?

3) What kind of advertisement would appeal to you?

4) and where would the advertisement be, i.e in magazines, instagram etc.

Thank you for your time answering this question.

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1. I'd like a website that is designed to make everything easy to find. I'd like a "search" part if possible. Making it aesthetically pleasing is always a plus.

2. If you could send samples to potential customers, they might be more inclined to buy your products if they like them. If a picture of the product looks appealing, I think that that would increase consumer spending.

3. (and a bit of 4.) I generally don't like commercials because most people who do them have annoying voices. I think that advertisements are most effective if they advertise products that would appeal to people reading/watching them. For example, if the advertisement is selling food, make a commercial that will appear frequently before lunch time or dinner time.

J'espère que ceci aide. Pourquoi est-ce que vous avez le besoin?

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