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Are you an alumni/current student with some free time and want to be helpful, generous, kind, loving, giving etc.?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then it would be fantastic if you could give us a hand coming up with questions for the IBSurvival Free Revision Sessions page!

Basically we're looking for people to come up with questions & answers that they can donate to the page so that the current students revising for their May 2014 exams can answer them and hopefully benefit from your great wisdom! :P

You can find the current list of such Q&As here:

How to write a suitable question:

  • have a subject area and level e.g. Economics HL, Maths SL and so on
  • it should address a decently sized and relevant aspect of the syllabus. "What is a simile?" for instance would be too small an aspect!
  • it should be answerable in a comment on facebook - so no long essay questions! Fairly short and sharp is ideal so students can answer them in the format available.
  • it should come with a longer explanation which we can link to in the forum (if you look at what's already there, you should get the idea, and also the kind of 'size' of question!)
  • it should come with any tips or hints you have about what else to revise, how to remember it, how to write about it in the exam... honestly anything you think they might benefit from knowing!
  • you can also field any questions that may be posted in the Q&A section, if you want to.

In return you get: a rosy glow of satisfaction. :love::blowkiss:

It would be especially awesome if people could offer questions on subjects that I didn't personally take for the IB as that's most of what I feel confident to field questions on! Namely HL Biology, Chemistry & English Lit. Obviously we still welcome questions on those things so please donate, but if you don't know which subject to go for, then I'm sure the students would really appreciate things like Psychology, Economics, Physics, Maths... and other popular subjects!

If you come up with a question, send me a PM and I'll sort out posting it up slash thank you profusely :D

Muchas gracias a todos! In advance!

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I would like to help you guys with this. I'll come up with some questions and send a PM.

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