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Julia Kim

Course selection Help

HI! I am planning to study psychology in my future.

So I have to pick my IB courses, but I am not sure which ones to pick if I want to take psychology in the university.

So far I have chosen

Math (SL)

Chemistry (SL)

Biology (HL)

History (HL)

Spanish (SL)

English A (HL)

Please Help me choose my IB courses :bye:


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I currently have those exact courses, except switch chemistry with psychology and switch around SL/HLs around to Spanish HL and Biology SL. I personally like all my IB subjects and think it is an enjoyable combination! ;)

If you want to study psychology, Biology HL goes well with that, but if you want to go into the social sciences I don't see why you would take Chemistry instead of another social science. I am guessing your school doesn't offer psych since you are not planning on taking it. However, the way your combination is now, it keeps you open for more sciency courses in uni I guess which is good. A lot of schools do see psychology as somewhat of a science, so taking more sciences could be to your advantage. Chemistry also compliments the biochemistry unit in bio well and so on, so in general your subject combo is good.

For psychology, there aren't very strict requirements, and your choices seem good. It is not necessary at all for you to have studied psychology for you to take it at university level, and so if you like your course choices, stick with them.

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