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Econ SL Exam Panic

Hey there.

I'm currently in Econ SL and am having a serious panic attack. My IB Exam is next month and I feel like I understand only 30% of the curriculum. My teacher is very old and prone to mixing things up or explaining them poorly, and we haven't even started international economics yet (despite having to do an entire IA on it, which was total crap for me), and I haven't been keeping up in the book because I've been so busy with my other courses in the diploma. There are other things I could go into if that'd help, but my plan right now is just to try and outline the entire book this month and do practice tests online. I've really put myself in a bad spot here, and don't really know what I expect from posting here, but any advice would help at this point. :panic:

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Look at the syllabus and see what you know and not know. Learn those you do not know (I suggest International Econs first).

Make mind maps of each module (micro, macro, international, development) and try to connect the topics within those modules to other topics within that module. You could make mind maps of each topic too I guess.

Remember that the essay questions are micro and macro and that the international and development ones are data response. Do past papers to see the trend in the types of questions and you could cater your learning/mindmapping/linking to these types of questions. Even if you don't sit down and write the whole essay at least jot down the points and compare them to those in the mark scheme.

Include diagrams to gain some marks and explain them. Know your diagrams. Those at the top of my head is the market failure diagrams, exchange rates, etc. Development economics has less diagrams (maybe even none).

Helps if you remember some pros and cons. Like say free trade vs protectionism. If you have to, just try to remember some of the stuff needed for the common questions.

Also, bear in mind that in the exam you don't have much time. Do a quick plan and start writing and keep writing and manage your time during the exam.

Having said that, you shouldn't neglect your other subjects too unless you know you're okay with them.

I hope that helps. I'm pretty sure someone can come up with a better answer but while waiting thought I'd give you this.

All the best! You can do it!

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