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A good intro for ioc ?

I need some tips on structuring my ioc

So for the ioc i know i will be talking about the subject /Characters / setting / narrator / theme/ Imagery / Figurative langaue / Sound / Diction / Structure / tone

i know we need a structured commentary , can u think of any that i can say for any poem that im given ?? Robert frost !
so what would be a good intro
and in what order can you arrange these items

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In our school, we were told to organize in the following order;

1. Details about myself (name, candidate number etc.)

2. Title, Author, Publication dates.

3. Context

4. Content

5. Thesis

1. Self explanatory

2. Self explanatory

3. Any historical or cultural context regarding the author and the time, place and location of publication or purpose of the text.

Ex. We had an IOC about 1984 by George Orwell.

I spoke about how Orwell went though numerous wars such as the Spanish Civil War, Nazis and Fascism in WWII, and Corruption in Indian Police (not really war), and saw the suffrage and devastation caused by the totalitarian nature of their politics.

Also if the text is an extract, where the text came from (right before some guy did something and/or right after something happened)

4. Content is where I gave a brief sentence on what was happening in the text. (dont make this too long)

5. We had a really structured thesis which looked like;

So, in the "title" by author name, he/she utilized stylistic features (list the ones you have stated) in order to ____ (replace with purpose of the text)

These dont really have to be strictly followed but I think its a good guide. I mean the commentary is internally assessed if i recall correctly, so you should just follow what the teacher says cause they are assessing your work. Only few are examined by the IB.

Also to answer your first part, we were given two ways to structure our ioc; chronologically (analyse ones that pops out first in order) or by each stylistic features. And I don't think there are any good order within those stylistic features. I mean analyzing all of those doesn't seem like a good idea since I think IB prefers quality over quantity. I think its better to focus on three features like theme, characterization, and figurative language. Then whenever some other features come up like maybe diction, then you could briefly state its effect.


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Just to add to the stuff given above, I would add another way and suggest there are 3 main ways to structure your IOC as a whole. You can do chronological or stylistic approaches, but you could also do a thematic approach - which is what I personally did. Also, throughout your introduction, it's a good idea to integrate answers to the guiding questions you get for your extract.

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The advantage of the thematic approach is that you are more likely to have a focus and of keeping it. It is very easy to get lost in the minutiae of the "stylilstic approach" and then you lose a lot of points.

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