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IA research question help!

Hi there everyone! Since my history teacher is useless and does not teach us anything, I would like to consult you guys on which of these research questions would be the better route for my IA for HL History of the Americas:

1)To what extent was the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan a deciding factor in the development of Canada as a nation?


2)Compare the effects of the Second World War on the development of Canada and Mexico as major nations.

I am currently leaning more towards the former, but I want to be able to know a bit more about Latin America than what is being taught in class for the IB exams. Maybe you can help me revise one or the other or come up with something even better! Like the women or the Japanese in Canada during WW2 or something?

Anyways, pleeeeease help me! I have a due date of my evaluation of sources and summary of evidence tomorrow, so I am doing that based on the first question, but if I am going to change my question I want to do it ASAP!

Thanks so much!


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I would rather you focus on the first RQ as well, just because the second one (while phrased correctly) is too broad. When you say major nations, you would have to focus on which aspects constitute major nations; and you would be comparing it for two nations...which probably means you'd go well over the word limit.

also for the first one, you'd also have to sort of explain the terms in which Canada developed (economically, militarily etc)

good luck! :)

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