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Question on Requirements of World Studies EE

Hi, I just want to ask if it is required that, if I were to do an EE in World Studies, would I have to do my essay on two or more disciplines that I study as a subject itself? 


I am considering doing something on the social effects of artificial intelligence as it is something that i'm interested in and I think it fits the aims of the World Studies EE (as I read in the EE Guide).


Otherwise I am considering doing an EE on Chemistry (Still not sure what to do) or History (Iranian Revolution or Causes of Iran-Iraq War).


I am in IB year 1 (5 months in) and need to submit my proposal in about 3 weeks.


I study the following:


English A Language and Literature SL

Chinese B SL

History SL (20th Century World History Route)

Physics HL

Chemistry HL

Mathematics HL


Thanks! :)

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