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Economics - Hotel Market in Berlin - What theorie do I use?

Hi IBSurvival,


I've decided to write my extended essay on the hotel market in Berlin. I will be vaguely writing about the market as a whole, as I will be mainly focusing on two hotels that lie directly opposite each other, one being a 4 star Hotel, the other a 5 star hotel. I have data for the revenue of the hotels for 2012-2014, but I'm not quite sure what to use it for. I have contacted both of the directors, and they will be filling out an interview for me, which is great. Some questions probably ask for too much competitive information, but they said they will answer everything they can (I'll attach a copy of the interview).


Basically, I wish to write about why the consumer choses one hotel over the other (please tell me if there is a term for this). However, I am not quite sure what theorie I should use, and if I will need to use diagrams and so on, which is why I came here to ask for help.


Cheers for reading.

EE Interview.pdf

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