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Internal Assessment for SL B&M commentary

Hi guys! :geek:

I am totally lost :question: . Need some Help ASAP for my Business and Management IA :sick:

I am a Business and Management SL student and for the Internal Assessment we are supposed to write a commentary.


How is the sales affected after the celebrities started investing in e-commerce(online websites)? :lightbulb:

Is it ok to write a commentary o this question


for example.

Ratan Tata investing in Snapdeal

Salmaan in


Thanks in advance (:

Bye :bye:

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Using celebrities is an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, their investments can influence the opinions and buying decisions of potential clients, attracting new audiences. Consequently, the discussed factors can have a positive effect on sales (provided that the marketing department launches an appropriate program to taje advantage of a new circumstance).

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