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Retaking the IB subjects!

HI everyone,

I am a November 2014 session candidate and I got my results today in school.

The results were far below what I expected.... 

I didn't do as well as I expected for Economics SL and Biology HL. I was expecting a 7 for each of the subjects but I got 5s. It was really disappointing because I have never gotten a 5 for Biology, and my Economics score was improving much this year. 


Furthermore, I only got a bonus point 1 and my other subjects are not fantastic either so in overall, I got a 33.

I can, perhaps, get into the colleges I want (slim chance though) but the thing is that my parents wants me to get a scholarship in university because the colleges I am applying to are too expensive for them to afford for 4 years. With 33 points, getting a scholarship is FAT hope. They told me that I may have to skip university and get married instead (sounds unreal but this is true) or go to technical colleges (I can barerly get employed after graduating from there...)

I told them about the option of retaking the IB tests and they agreed. AND I am willing to work very hard for 12 months to get better scores in the retake tests. 


If I retake the IB subject tests, I would like to take Mathematics HL, Biology HL and Economics SL. 


So the questions are :


1. Can I take them in November 2015? Meaning 12 months retake.


2. Must I redo all the IAs and experiments (Bio)? Or is it just retaking the written papers?


3. Do I need a supervisor for IAs if I need to take them?


4. Must I attend the school lessons? (From the IBO website it says we don't have to but double checking...)


5. What is the deadlines for registering the IB subject retest if I want to take them in November 2015?


Please help me answer these questions carefully and sincerely because I am feeling very desperate at the moment..!

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While I cannot answer all of your questions I can answer numbers one, three, and four.


1. Yes you can retake the exams in November 2015, if available in your area.


3. Yes, if you must redo the IA's, you will need a supervisor.


4. No, Candidates may take the IB exams up to three times in order to receive IB credit. These sessions do not have to be in concurrent years, meaning that I could take exams in Nov 2014, Nov 2015, and Nov 2017 if I wanted to.


I do not believe you would need to redo the coursework (IA's and EA's), however, I am not 100% sure.



Consult your teacher or the IBO for further inquiry.



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