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Grade 9 Impacts of Science Biology Help!

Hey guys!

I am new to this forum, and I only created an account because I really need this question answered ASAP. I don't really know where to categorise this post, so I put it in the "Biology" section because that is the current topic that I need assistance on, so please pardon me if I have made a mistake regarding where to post this thread.


I am doing a "Impacts of Science" presentation about Desertification, and scientific solutions to solve it. Since my teacher emphasised a lot on the fact that the solution has to be a Scientific Solution, I am afraid my current solution does not qualify as a scientific one. Here is my solution : In order to halt and reverse desertification, large of animals can be used to imitate herd grazing, thus focusing the manure and urine in a certain place. The manure and urine will cover up the soil and prevent transevaporation (The Water Cycle) from turning the area into an dry, arid land.


Would this be a scientific solution?


Thanks a lot for your time c:



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