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Interested in IB - Review Subject Choices + Difficulty

Dear IB Participants,


I'm currently enrolled at a private boys collage in ACT, Australia. 

Because of the colleges poor standards I have decided to make a move to a local public school, that offers the IB program.

I was just keen to know the difficulty of the course and how much homework there is per day etc..



Advanced Math Methods


IT Programming





I consider myself strong in these areas, now I'm wondering if I should do the HSC like exams or the IB program.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Max (Year 10 Sem 2: Averaging 90's%)

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Although the IB program is hard work, it all really pays off in the end. Most homework is normally going over previous work and studying for tests, but different schools may vary. What is hard about the IB is the high level work (university level) you are studying and the skill of being able to remember it all for your final exams, but if you are organised and focused the IB is a good choice!

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The IB program is challenging and time consuming, but ultimately rewarding and enjoyable. Make sure you choose subjects you like, and not just because of how easy they are (I still kick myself for choosing economics SL over psychology SL or History SL). 

Your grades sound good. Are you good at time-management? Time management is an important skill because of the amount of revision and internal assessments you will need to do. For example, in English Lit HL you will cover a lot of books/poems and there will be several internal assessments (IOP, IOC and WIT) in addition to your final exam. 

On top of your subject workload, there will be other requirements such as the infamous extended essay (4000 word essay, see EE forum for more details) and TOK (theory of knowledge) presentations and a TOK essay of 1400-1600 words. You are also required to complete CAS (creativity, action and service projects) - if you do not do these you will not get the diploma.

Overall the workload is manageable and you will still have a social life/sleep as long as you manage your time well and don't procrastinate. Some people in my school don't sleep at all; others like me manage to have a healthy sleeping schedule and exercise. 

I hope this helps  ^_^

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